Pro-free speech social media platform ‘Gab’ has been on the lookout for creative ways to resist being silenced recently. This is because the app is banned from pretty much every popular payment processor on the market. In the wake of these developments, Gab’s core dev team claims that it has created its very own web browser — which is essentially a forked version of the open-source Brave browser. In this regard, company CEO, Andrew Torba, recently told a media outlet that this latest digital offering will be made available to the masses within the coming 2-3 weeks.

However, Brave co-founder Brendan Eich, recently took to the internet to post the following message — which was quite critical of Torba’s intentions:

“Answer this: what kind of parasite forks an open source browser to get an extension distributed to people who can already work around silly AppStore bans?. Brave is for users who dare to take back control of their data. Some[one] who wants a detached comment system can use Dissenter.”

In response, Torba claimed that the “entire point” of a project such as Brave was to allow other independent devs to build upon an existing codebase and add more value to the project”. Not only that, Torba then went on to take a dig at Eich by saying that Brave too was in its most basic sense a “fork of the Google Chromium project”.

“Open-source projects are forked all the time, GitHub even shows the fork count on every repo and the community uses it as a badge of honor. I can’t imagine any legitimate reason why Brendan or anyone else would have a problem with this.”

More On The Matter

If rumors are to be believed, Gab’s iteration of Brave will not make use of Eich’s Basic Attention Token—an altcoin that is used to reward customers for the amount of time they spend on a particular digital advertisement.

Additionally, a spokesperson for Gab also went on to mention that his company’s ‘Dissenter web browser’ will remove a number of add-ons from Brave’s existing UI. Instead, features such as the default ad and tracker blocking module and access to Tor will remain intact.

“The idea is to create a free-speech browser and, eventually, a free-speech marketplace and app store that is powered by free-speech money, bitcoin.”

Torba then went on to add:

“We are working on [Lightning Network] integration with a very influential [Lightning Network] company, but don’t have any public news on that just yet,”.

Other Points Worth Noting

  • BTC has played a massive role in Gab’s survival over the past year or so — primarily because the company was banned from all mainstream fundraising platforms after it was revealed that the shooter responsible for the Pittsburgh synagogue massacre was an avid user of Gab’s Twitter alternative.
  • At press time, Gab has been banned from nearly all of the major crowdfunding platforms on the internet including StartEngine, PayPal, Stripe, Square. Cash App, Coinbase and Bitpay.
  • The only company allowing Gab to stay afloat at the moment is a credit-card payment firm called ‘2nd Amendment Processing’.

Final Take

In closing out this piece, it should be made clear that Torba’s goal is to create a web browser that is outside the control of all Silicon Valley-based multinational organizations.

However, in the same breath, Brave’s Eich believes that there currently exists no reason as to why people would want to use Gab’s browser over Brave.

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