The annual ‘Global Release of COSMOplat’s Achievements’ which was held on 1st April 2019 saw the industrial and internet environmentally-friendly platform showcase their latest tech advancement. The event was hosted by Haier and was chiefly designed to introduce an ecosystem through the COSMOplat Platform for tech inventions in the near future.

Presently, COSMOplat is the main ecological nerve center of Haier and is already operating as an open-source internet and industrial platform complete with all the independent and intellectual property rights thereby making it one of the pioneer platforms that is tailored for 3rd parties to dabble in the intricate industrial process details. The signing ceremony included the attendance of signees on the behalf of DNV GL, Haier Washing Machine Limited, and VeChain.

The three parties are set to join hands in the integration of VeChainThor Blockchain-centered clothing and apparel traceability solution into one primary Haier IoC, thereby facilitating the implementation of the Digital Carbon Ecosystem ( also known as the DCE). Having said that, the VeChainThor Blockchain is slowly becoming a core technology in which the mainstream COSMOplat members operate with.

The newly-formed partnership is tailored to particularly enable the successful deployment of the legendary My Story. My Story is a brainchild of the co-development made possible by the efforts of VeChain and DNV GL in transforming the clothing industry. This partnership also integrates the main DCE with the Haier Ioc Platform, which apparently is one of the first clothing apparel lifecycle management platform in the globe. The length and breadth of this new partnership aim at essentially implementing public blockchain technology is all possible use cases that revolve around the lifecycle of apparel and clothing management. Some of these uses include but not limited to smart inventory management, smart shopping, and VeChainThor Blockchain tracking.

In the resultant partnership, Haier will be in charge of coordinating its main user resources thereby facilitating the effective deployment of My Story via Haier Ioc. This will be made possible by applying the DCE ( Digital Carbon Ecosystem ) model to their new line-up of washing machines consequently promoting a carbon-efficient lifestyle. Presently, Haier Group sits up there as one of the biggest collective global consumer electronics and home appliances conglomerate in the platform. If anything, it rakes in over $40 billion in total annual revenue alone.

On the other hand, DNV GL will oversee the provision of consultation and verification services to VeChain and Haier as far as process control, business model and technical interfaces go. All the data collected and stored on the system’s blockchain will be effectively verified by DNV GL thereby guaranteeing its authenticity. What’s more, DNV GL will be responsible for the distribution and verification of the carbon credits in the Digital Carbon Ecosystem.

Finally, VeChain will be in charge of the provisioning of both consultation services and blockchain technology support that is targeted towards the development of Haier’s primary IoC platform. In effect, the development of carbon credits applications and carbon reduction strategies will be incorporated with DCE before being channeled to Haier Energy Efficient Home Washing Machines.

The views and opinions expressed in the article VeChain, Haier Ioc and DNV GL Partner for Blockchain and IoT Clothing Lifecycle Management do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research. In rounding off this piece VeChain, Haier Ioc and DNV GL Partner for Blockchain and IoT Clothing Lifecycle Management – top prominent words: blockchain and iot clothing. gl partner for blockchain. iot clothing lifecycle. partner for blockchain and iot. vechain haier ioc and dnv.

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