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We value journalistic integrity and impartiality. As a result, we are a completely independent news aggregation source. Our coverage extends to the Blockchain technology, IoT news, FinTech and Cryptocurrency. With our services, you can expect a mix of regular tech wraps, expert interviews, daily and weekly market updates and more to come!

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Our tagline is ‘Every Coin Has A Story to Tell,’ and we intend to tell stories about every cryptocurrency and blockchain development. Therefore, in line with this, our mission has become collecting every aspect of the bitcoin as well as altcoins market, daily and weekly market updates, tech wraps and expert interviews in one single place and disseminate all this information in a helpful way to everyone interested in cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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We believe in a future where crypto revolutionizes capitalism for a greater good. As technology breakthroughs happen in various fields and technology consumers continue to adopt blockchain technology, you want to remain updated on these happenings. More importantly, you want to know that you have a reliable source of information about the investment opportunities presented by these developments. 48coins Cryptocurrency News Today exists for that very reason – sharing valuable information to enable clients make wise decisions.

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