Aluf Holdings to Consider Ripple and XRP Integration, is Considering Biometrics Industry Entry

Aluf Holdings Announces Consideration Of Ripple And XRP – Will The Platform Enter Biometrics Industry?

The Ripple company is known for its multiple products that have made cross-border transaction rates lower and speeds, faster. They have already partnered with a significant number of banks, but it looks like they’ve gained the attention of a biometrics-based company called Aluf Holdings.

Aluf Holdings expressed their interest over a Twitter post, commenting that they are “looking into” pursuing Ripple and the XRP Ledger in an acquisition. Ultimately,

“Their goal is to bring in their ledger technology and integrate it to the blockchain, based on the March 7th post.”

Right now, Ripple has clearly taken a revolutionary place in the payment and remittance sector of the financial industry. Still, it is worth noting that CEO Brad Garlinghouse had spoken on the blockchain-based gaming industry, and how Ripple is making headway into it, during the Paris Fintech event. The new gaming platform is using XRP to build the XRP Ledger on it.

If Ripple ends up partnering with Aluf Holdings, they would break into a sector that cryptocurrency has been historically remained separate from. The vice chairman of the board with Aluf Holdings, Ben Zandi, spoke on the “power of probability” involving these technologies, bringing attention to the security, trust, and encryption they offer, among other benefits. The potential solution would be “game-changing” and Zandi plans to make his company a part of that innovative transition to the market.

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The Aluf holding company focuses on bringing innovative, proprietary tech to the biometrics industry through the acquisition and partnership of various businesses. Each company is at a different level of progress, with some at the developing stage still, while others are well-established in what they do.

While the integration of Ripple and the Internet of Value would be a progressive step for Aluf Holdings, Twitter users quickly joined the conversation, resulting in some clarification from Aluf. A user named JosephSchules questioned the company’s intentions, asking if Aluf intends to acquire the Ripple company, to which Aluf Holdings noted that they’ll aim to use the products of Ripple.

The XRP Research Center commented as well, showing enthusiasm for how Aluf Holdings plans to apply Codius to their company.

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