What Is Ammut?

AMMUT is a digital platform that is designed to provide a holistic model that answers to multiple technologies. Specifically, the AMMUT platform is ideal for solving problems that require high computing power such as deep learning, mining, scientific calculations, 3-D rendering, and CGI rendering among others.

The software enables anyone to easily become a host when they rent out their AmCU device or devices. Besides, the interface allows users to find the best deals faster based on their specific requirements.

The AMMUT ecosystem

The AMMUT platform is built, designed, and equipped to provide solutions to technological problems that require high computing power such as deep learning, scientific calculations, CGI rendering, and mining, among others. The platform embraces various components including:


The AMMUT Computing Unit (AmCU) is a low-cost hardware platform that specializes in the execution of tasks that require high computing power. The unit is designed with optimized machine learning and AI capabilities.

A Single Board Computer (SBC) just the size of a Raspberry Pi, the platform was built with technology experts and hobbyists in mind. With this Unit, AI developers would be able to erase the challenges that often come with installing open source frameworks such as TensorFlow, Caffe, and Keras for machine learning.

AMMUT Network

The AMMUT Network consists of all the AmCU devices that operate on the network. The AMMUT Computing Unit takes the tasks from the network, according to the earning coefficient initially set by the user.

The network is beneficial to the user because it provides a simple interface to rent specialized machines at the best prices. This, in turn, reduces cloud computing costs. In the end, their devices will be considerably more cost-effective compared to the same enterprise hardware.

The XAMM Token

XAMM is the native cryptocurrency on the AMMUT platform. The token is ideal for performing basic transactions within the AMMUT Community such as payments and exchange of value with fiat currency and other digital assets.

XAMM is offered through an ICO crowdsale and through private sales to users that participate in the AMMUT project. As noted earlier, users can utilize the token to conduct basic transactions including payments and exchanging value with fiat currency and other digital assets.

AMMUT Software

The client side of the AMMUT software can be used to create tasks that can proceed to the AMMUT Network. The software handles the conversion of the tasks into suitable instructions that can be used inside the network.

Why choose AMMUT?

AMMUT platform offers various advantages to the users.

Value proposition

This proposition clears all the existing challenges with meeting up operating costs and other concerns associated with the business of high computing tasks. The key elements of value proposition include:


By leveraging strategic technical partnerships with hardware manufacturers regarding the supply of the completed prototype of AmCU, AMMUT seeks to deliver an efficient and secure ecosystem where both crypto enthusiasts and not-tech investors can effectively engage.


The AMMUT board consists of a team of experienced industry experts with many years of experience in the installation and handling of specialized hardware equipment

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