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  • Famous first-ever international bitcoin transaction for a pizza worth 10,000 BTC
  • Along with the $80 Million pizza purchase, a rumored Iceland bitcoin mining facility tour

CBS’s “60 Minutes” has interviewed the man who traded 10,000 bitcoin for two Domino’s pizzas back in 2010. And, as if no one has been paying attention the current price of Bitcoin today is hovering around $7,850 – $8,000 BTC/USD (under $4,000 under two months ago).

Now, this Sunday, the popular TV show will air its interview with “bitcoin pizza guy” Laszlo Hanyecz. While there is only a preview up of what appears to be a more-than-one segment focusing on bitcoin, here is what was released today:

It’s part of an extensive series of interviews with individuals across the crypto community. Anderson Cooper interviews the Governor of the Federal Reserve to get his thoughts on bitcoin, then visits a crypto mining facility in Iceland.

In the early days of bitcoin, few people recognized the value of the technology. Fewer still were willing to pay real fiat currency in exchange for bitcoin.

Laszlo Hanyecz is a dubious figure in bitcoin history books after trading 10,000 bitcoin for two pizzas back in the early days of the currency. On May 22, 2010, Hanyecz offered to give another Bitcointalk forum user 10,000 BTC in exchange for having two pizzas delivered to his house. Another user accepted the offer, and now we celebrate “Bitcoin Pizza Day” every year on May 22.

Hanyecz’s transaction is believed to be the first instance of someone trading bitcoin for a real-world product or service.

Back then, each bitcoin was worth less than a penny. There weren’t even exchanges where a market could set a price on bitcoin: all trading was done peer-to-peer over internet forums.

Nobody believed bitcoin would catapult in value to an all-time high of $20,000 just seven years later. It was a niche tech toy used by small groups online. It wasn’t even used on darknet marketplaces like Silk Road at that point in 2010.

Today, however, those 10,000 BTC Hanyecz spent on two pizzas are worth about $80 million, with each bitcoin priced at around $8,000.

How Does It Feel to Spend $80 Million on Two Pizzas?

Anderson Cooper sat down with Hanyecz to talk about how he feels about his claim to fame.

During the interview, Hanyecz reveals that the infamous “Bitcoin Pizza Day” transaction was one of several bitcoin transactions he made in 2010. Overall, he estimated that he spent around 100,000 bitcoins on a number of items during this time period, “much of it on pizza”.

“That’s $800 million,” says Anderson Cooper during the interview. “You spent about $800 million on pizza?”

So how does Hanyecz feel about spending $800 million on pizza in today’s currency? Cooper asked him if he ever lies awake at night thinking, “I could have had $800 million…if I hadn’t bought those pizzas.”

“I think thinking like that is…not really good for me,” replies Hanyecz.

Today, Hanyecz is a computer programmer living in Florida. It’s unclear how much bitcoin he currently owns, or if he kept any of his bitcoin from the early days.

Anderson Cooper Also Interviews Other Bitcoin Celebrities

The 60 Minutes report doesn’t focus entirely on Hanyecz and his infamous bitcoin pizza transactions. Cooper also interviews Federal Reserve Governor Lael Brainard, the CEO of Genesis Mining, Marco Streng (which could be taking a trip with Genesis Mining), and Charlie Shrem, one of the bitcoin community’s first millionaires – and first convicted felons.

The director of the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative, Neha Narula, also appears on the program. The Digital Currency Initiative, of DCI, is a research community dedicated to crypto and blockchain. Last week, Director Neha Narula sat down for an interview with CNN.

During Cooper’s interview with Brainard, the Federal Reserve Governor describes cryptocurrency as riskier than the US dollar because:

“The Federal Reserve and ultimately the U.S. Treasury stand behind [the dollar]. And when you hold your dollars in a bank account, you have deposit insurance…None of those accountability mechanisms exist for bitcoin.”

Cooper also visits a crypto mining facility in Iceland, exploring how entrepreneurs are making money by relocating high-powered computers to parts of the world where energy is cheap and freely available.

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