First launched in 2016 in the United Kingdom, Arbitrage Pool is an online platform that manages an arbitrage pool by collecting cryptocurrency investments and carrying out cryptocurrency arbitrage trading.

The platform does not perform any other types of trades, reinvest the funds, or hold the investors capital in any other investment pool.

Arbitrage People distinguishes itself from other similar platforms by investing in cryptocurrency arbitrage at minimum risks so that the investors’ funds can grow without requiring the users to have any investment knowledge or experience.

The platform guarantees its users a daily return of investment of around 2.1% for 30-120 days. Once the investment term expires, the user will receive their initial investment.

How does Arbitrage People work?

The main income generating activity on Arbitrage People is arbitrage trading, where it acquires an average net profit of 8-12% per week. To receive a share of the net profit users are required to purchase an investment portfolio.

There are four types of investment portfolios available on Arbitrage People: Mini, Medi, Maxi, and Pro. The amount of profits generated on the platform depends on duration of the investment and the volume of the user’s investment portfolio on Arbitrage People.

The minimum investment on Arbitrage People is set at USD 50 that guarantees the investors a 50% share of the profits daily for 30 calendar days while the maximum investment amount is 25,000 USD or above that offers the investors maximum daily share of 90% that expires after 120 calendar days.

For example, if a user qualifies to receive 75% of the profits and the platform generates a profit of 2.4% that day, the user will receive 1.8% to their total balance credited into their account in form of various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. There is a calculator available on the website that helps users understand how their profit is generated and how much money they should expect to have made at the end of the investment period.

At the end of the investment plan, the principal is returned to the users. Investors on Arbitrage People can also cancel their active investments for any reason and draw off their invested principle amount at a penalty of 30%. The cancelation process is automatic. However, since it is an irreversible process, users will have to confirm the cancelation by providing their account password on the cancelation form.

Advantages of Arbitrage People

State of the art investment pool

The Arbitrage People investment pool has been designed to provide investors with high quality services that ensure investors acquire maximum returns from their investments at the lowest possible risks.

Experienced team

The Arbitrage People platform trading team is made up of senior traders based in different countries. The dedicated team of experienced traders boasts of years of experience as promoters, affiliates, and clients.

Therefore, it is best suited to provide its users with the best trading opportunities in the market today.


Arbitrage People is hosted on dedicated servers that are integrated with DDoS protection that prevents any downtimes on the website.

The website also features SSL encryption, which ensures all the personal and financial information stored on the platform is safe, secure, and inaccessible by third parties.

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