Though the cryptocurrency market is quite volatile – it can skyrocket or fall multiple times a day – the number of crypto investors is constantly increasing. Trading crypto requires knowledge, experience, patience…and, of course, a lot of your time. Nothing can replace trader’s experience but you can optimize your efforts with algorithms and automation. Trading bots save time by taking care of routine manipulations and keep your emotions intact. Traditional trading is already dominated by sophisticated algos and now crypto is rapidly following its way.

In today’s article, we’ll take a look at a young but rapidly evolving crypto trading platform TradeSanta. It allows users to trade 24/7 without making it a full-time job and without fear of missing out on trades while you are away from the computer.

Trading on Top Exchange non-Stop

TradeSanta is a cloud-based platform that helps users automate the trading process and maximize their profits. TradeSanta bot keeps track of market dynamics and uses technical indicators to automatically open trading positions on a real-time basis. If you were trading manually on an exchange, you’ll most certainly appreciate the bot running and closing deals 24/7 even when you sleep.

TradeSanta already supports 4 top reputable crypto exchanges – Binance, Bitfinex, Bittrex, and HitBTC. The team is also planning to add more supported crypto exchanges, such as BitMEX, OKEx, and Huobi and even enable margin trading directly from TradeSanta platform.

The trading bot connects to your crypto exchange through API keys. It means that the bot can’t access your funds or initiate any withdrawals if the withdrawal option is off.

Sliding Smoothly into Automated Trading

Even if you aren’t a trader, you’ll be surprised how smoothly the setup process is. TradeSanta bots come with an easy to use interface. As a user, you will be able to control your trading bots with just a few clicks. It will take you no longer than 10 minutes to set up a bot and customize your desired settings such as pairings and target profit.

What if the market goes in the opposite of your bot direction? The service offers a feature that will allow you to make a profit even if that’s the case. The Santa trading bot will place an Extra Order to buy or sell more coins at the current rate, taking profits with smaller price recovery in the future.

Both experienced traders and novices will enjoy TradeSanta’s filters and additional features. When setting up a bot, a user can choose from a range of indicators like volume filter, daily filter, Bollinger filter. They ensure that the bot enters the market at optimal moments and make easier for a trader to manage his or her bots.TradeSanta users can monitor the performance of each trading bot via Telegram notifications.

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TradeSanta’s Telegram community is where communication between users and the team takes place. The team always takes into account users’ suggestions about the upcoming features and interface improvements. The platform is growing and the team is focused on bringing in new exciting features and indicators, that soon will be announced on the website.

A handy tool for large volume movers

TradeSanta doesn’t stop on what’s been achieved so far and plans to take it even further. The team is planning to release a new feature called Smart Order in the next month. It will allow users to sell or buy big volumes of crypto with nearly no impact on the market. The mechanism of the Smart order is to sell a specified amount of crypto at a certain price level, within a period of time (TWAP) or as a percentage of total trading volume (VWAP). You just have to choose a trading pair and specify the amount. The bot itself will take care of all technical aspects. The Smart order is currently available in alpha testing.

TradeSanta’s website already counts over 4000+ active bots and more than 230k successfully completed deals. The user-friendly interface with understandable features that TradeSanta offers you will make your trading experience a lot more easier.

Go to, register in a few simple steps for free and take your crypto trading to the next level.

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