Benjamin Netanyahu has secured a fifth term as the Prime Minister of Israel. The win was solidified by his rival, Benny Gantz, acknowledging defeat.

While conceding defeat, Benny said Israel is a democratic nation and the election results depict the “decision of the nation.” On the other hand, Netanyahu said that his victory will be reflected across the entire country without drawing lines between non-Jews and Jews because “the people of Israel, are the pillar of support of my life.”

“I started holding talks with the heads of the right-wing parties, our natural partners, tonight. Almost everyone publicly declared that they would recommend me [to President Reuven Rivlin] to form the next government. I intend to finish the task quickly in order to establish a stable national government. This will be a right-wing government, but I intend to be the prime minister of all of Israel’s citizens, right and left, Jews and non-Jews alike.”

It is this pillar that the Bitcoin and blockchain fraternity should also find refuge in. The re-election of Netanyahu is good sign as it possibly marks another four years of solid support for the Bitcoin and blockchain industry.

The Prime Minister has been among the few world leaders who have seen the revolutionary power of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Netanyahu has reached a point of giving traditional banks in Israel an early notice since they will soon be obsolete.

For example, in December 2017, Netanyahu said that Bitcoin and blockchain will greatly disrupt the banking sector and “the banks will disappear.” While defending his views, the Prime Minister added that the main function of traditional financial institutions is to ensure the validity and security of transactions and transacting parties. Well, all these and more, according to Netanyahu, can be provided using blockchain technology.

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