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In a statement from his team, Bitcoin investor and venture capitalist Tim Draper invested in a cryptocurrency friendly fitness facility, Grit Bxng. The boxing facility is expected to be open later this summer at the Union Square (9 East 16th street) offering their clients high intensity interval training from world class workout specialists.

The Grit Bxng facility also states on its website that they will accept Bitcoin as a form of payment for their exclusive services and training once open. The luxury group fitness and boxing chain is a full-on body exercise facility with state of the art punching bags, treadmills, and a welcoming gym are with excellent lighting and a balanced floor.

“GRIT BXNG is a 50-minute full body workout that builds strength and confidence with powerful boxing sequences. The workout enhances endurance and speed on the treadmills and tones bodies and core with floor exercises.”

The Grit Bxng facility is built to maximize the trainee’s workout plan and minimizing the probability of injuries and strains.

Introducing Fun in Boxing and Training

Boxing facilities across the world are not accustomed to the fun as they focus on the results of the training far more than the overall mood of training. Not Grit Bxng. The luxurious facility offers the users with an opportunity to work hard, sweat and relax once training is complete. The facility features a bar next to the training facility that allows people to connect after a tough day of working out.

The website writes,

“It’s a connection. A vibe. An attitude that you can have fun and be intense and work out and drink with fun people.”

The idea of the luxurious facility arose from Dylan Zanker, a former graduate of the Draper University which is a creation of Tim Draper. The facility further allows users to rate their instructors and offer comments to make their experience better.

“Guests will also be able to provide a star rating for their class instructor, and pay them tips through the Grit Bxng app just like Uber.”

“$1,000 USD Per Hour for World Class Instructors”

Having world class professionals in your company does not come cheap as reported by the official Grit Bxng website. The facility is looking for world-class trainers to take up roles in the training facility with top trainers expected to receive a $1,000 USD pay per hour.

The top trainers will also receive bonuses on the basis of their ratings from the guests of the facility.

On his latest investment in the sporting world and the integration of Bitcoin as a payment channel for training services and facilities, Tim Draper showed delight in being the first of many facilities to accept Bitcoin. He said,

“I’m very happy that Grit Bxng will be the first studio chain to accept Bitcoin. Within three years most other fitness chains like Soulcycle and Barry’s Bootcamp will be accepting Bitcoin.”

The growth prospects for Grit Bxng are high given the wellness and fitness industry in the U.S. grows by 3.6% per annum. Using crypto as a competitive advantage Grit Bxng is taking a step ahead of the current industry players.

The relationship between cryptocurrencies and the sporting and fitness world is gradually picking up pace. Last year, a number of English Premier League teams took up sponsorship deals from cryptocurrency institutions and Litecoin became the first cryptocurrency to be featured on UFC. The progress being made in the adoption process is set to boost the exposure of cryptocurrency to the general public in the future.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Bitcoin Billionaire Tim Draper Drops Coin into Grit Bnxg, a Luxury Fitness Boxing Chain do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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