For the first time Bankers meet Bitcoiners

  • Beyond the price volatility, the adoption of Bitcoins continues at a rapid pace.
  • At BayernLB in Munich, international experts discuss the value of Bitcoin and its potential impact on businesses and the world economy.

Senior decision-makers must be equipped with unbiased information and gain a comprehensive perspective about Bitcoin to stay ahead of the curve. That’s according to Daniel Wingen, who in partnership with BayernLB and Fidelity Digital Assets, is bringing together Bitcoin researchers, investors, bankers, executives, economists, and academics to have an in-depth debate on the technical and economic benefits and risks of Bitcoin.

Wingen, the founder of the Munich-based Bitcoin consultancy, DW Innovate, said,

“After more than 10 years Bitcoin is still around and the signals that indicate Bitcoin is here to stay are only getting stronger. Since Bitcoin’s inception in 2009, the network has expanded exponentially, with a growing global user base, an increasing number of developers, and numerous applications built on top of the Bitcoin protocol by startups as well as established companies. As Bitcoin continues to mature, so does the necessity for decision-makers to gain a solid understanding of it.”

Jürgen Michels, chief economist at BayernLB added,

“We all need to understand the potential impact of Bitcoin on our clients’ and own businesses and we need to know how to set up the infrastructure that might eventually be required. It’s time for the C-Suite to study Bitcoin and understand if, when, and how to take action.”

While some say Bitcoin will fundamentally change how money works, others have condemned it using all kinds of pejorative terms. With many open questions about Bitcoin’s future, business leaders must now go deeper than superficial mainstream information. The best solution is to systematically weigh the information on both sides and understand what leading experts think. Of course, finding and researching unbiased information is time-consuming. The Value of Bitcoin [VoB] Conference brings together industry experts from all sides to present their positive vision as well as the criticism of Bitcoin to enable participants to formulate their own opinions.

For more details on the VoB Conference visit here.

Date: 3rd June 2019Location: BayernLB, Munich

Speakers: 20 proven international experts, amongst them:

  • Dr. Saifedean Ammous, Author of The Bitcoin Standard
  • Jochen Metzger, Director at Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Prof. Dr. Gerald Mann, Professor of Economics at FOM Munich
  • Dr. Alexis Eisenhofer, Managing Director of AG
  • Dr. Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist at Hamburg Commercial Bank AG
  • Hans-Jörg Naumer, Head of Global Capital Markets & Thematic Research at Allianz Global Investors
  • Dan Held, Founding Partner at Interchange
  • Alex de Vries, Founder of
  • Michel Rauchs, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain researcher, University of Cambridge
  • Stepan Snigirev, Ph.D. in Quantum Physics and Founding Partner of CryptoAdvance

Format: Open discussions with trusted experts and lectures on the risks and opportunities when dealing with Bitcoin.Attendees: 150 Executives and Decision MakersAttendance: Via handpicked invitation, or application on the website.Participation fee: net €1,250


VoB Conference

Organized by DW Innovate GmbH+49 89 2155294 60

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