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This week the price had a reversal around the $3,600 support level, which was marked on our previous market update. After breaking the resistance at $3,900, there was an attempt to breach the previous resistance at $4,100 which rejected. It’s still too early to determine, but it appears that a bullish flag is being formed on the chart. The next resistance is at $4,300, and support is around $3,900.


Against the dollar, it is on the rise from the low at the end of 2018. Fibonacci retracement levels can be seen on the following charts: resistance around $160 and support is around $140 for the short-term.

Against Bitcoin, all Fibonacci levels have been breached, and the next obstacle is the tough resistance around 0.041 BTC which was tested days ago. If the resistance is breached up, the next level is 0.05 BTC. Support lies at 0.036BTC.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash ABC

Against the dollar, traded around $156. Support is at $150. In the short term, resistance is at $170. The coin slightly stabilized after a correction from $230. Since December, there has been a sharp rise, correction down, and stabilization.

Against Bitcoin, the 0.039 BTC level the coin is traded around looks like a support area. Resistance lies at the 0.044 BTC level.

Bitcoin Cash BSV

Against the dollar, traded around the support level as marked on the following chart. It appears that the price stabilized after being supported around the $80 level. In the short term, resistance lies at $92.

Against Bitcoin, it seems that BSV is less stable after three attempts to break above 0.032 BTC failed, and the trend seems to have turned bearish. Buyers have weakened, and BSV seems to be heading for support. Meanwhile, holding around 0.021 BTC, Resistance level is at 0.024 BTC.


Against the dollar, a recent rise from $ 37 to $ 57. Then, a correction that found support around $42 which gave confidence to XMR for a second try to break up and re-test resistance again.

Against Bitcoin, a nice increase in trading volume strengthens the support level around the 0.012 BTC. Since January there were two failed attempts to break through the resistance at 0.014 BTC.

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