• The virus is spreading: Bitcoin socks gaining adoption
  • NFL’s love affair with Bitcoin is rising
  • More and more people want to be paid in Bitcoin & crypto

Just two weeks back, the love affair between the National Football League (NFL) and Bitcoin started and now more and more players of the team want to be paid in BTC. This began when Russell Okung, who plays offensive tackle for the Los Angeles Chargers took to Twitter to demand, “Pay me in Bitcoin” on May 13. Since then, this relationship has only blossomed.

“How dope would it be to see a ESPN headline with an athlete being paid in BTC?” not long after wanting to be paid in BTC Tweet wondered Okung.

Well, it didn’t just end there, he not only learned about Bitcoin but is working on gaining deep knowledge of this market by communicating with the cryptocurrency community with questions like, “What does everyone trade $BTC on?,” “Any recommended reading to learn more about $BTC? I’m all ears,” “Now reading up on BTC forks. Thoughts anyone?” “Just followed and purchased @saifedean book. Long $BTC.”

“I’m part of the revolution. Long $BTC, short the bankers.”

“Bitcoin has changed the way I look at the world.”

The day after Okung’s original tweet, Bitcoin proponent and Morgan Creek’s Anthony Pompliano posted that NFL Quarterback, Matt Barkley tried to get two of the previous teams to pay him in Bitcoin but with no success.

Okung talking to his team member about BTC is actually more than just a passing discussion as he is also the Vice President of the NFL Players Association, a body that represents and protects the rights of the players. So, it is possible in the future the players of NFL would be paid in BTC as if anyone can push for this, it should be him.

Given the volatility of cryptocurrencies, one could say why would someone want to be paid in Bitcoin. However, despite this obvious concern, this mode of payment is quite common and working for many as revealed by Kraken exchange.

Kraken, one of the 10 cryptocurrency exchanges that have real Bitcoin spot volume further shared on Twitter, “By the way, the employee who took 100% bitcoin in 2012 retired in 2013.”

CNBC Crypto Trader host, Ran NeuNer took to Twitter to share how the son of newly inaugurated South African president Cyril Ramaphosa wore Bitcoin socks to his dad’s big day.

A report from February 2019 has South Africa ranked as the top country for ownership. Per the survey, 10.7 percent of internet users own the cryptocurrency which came at a time when monetary authorities asked the public to make a submission on policy and regulatory proposal for cryptocurrencies.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Bitcoin Revolution Reaching Everywhere, From South African President Inauguration to NFL do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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