What Is Biger?

Biger is a digital platform that aims to bring change in asset management through decentralization. This will minimize unnecessary intervention by centralized entities and replace with BIGER token, the transaction fees incurred by going through various intermediary organizations.

Besides, the platform is capable of permitting the autonomy for fund creators and investors by allowing each fund creator and investor to determine suitable systems and policies internally. The platform can also enable credible synchronization with other types of assets when necessary. All these can be done autonomously.

Still at bay, but yet to come is the platform’s capability to breakdown many boundaries that centralized asset management system had. It will also establish a new type of investment structure.

The Problems Biger Seeks To Solve

A Deformed Investment Market Framed By Certain Whales

This has been a major problem in the crypto market. Another problem is how to fundamentally reduce unpredictable market volatility.

Round The Clock Unstoppable Cryptocurrency Market

The crypto market runs 24 hours a day, which creates a physically challenging environment for ordinary investors. This leaves many investors complaining of sleep, loose of appetite, and incapability to live their daily lives. Some even complain of depression.

Extreme Imbalance Of Information

With the rapid growth of cryptocurrency market, however, information market is not catching up with it. The damage caused by information symmetry is fatal. It arises from the differences in technical expertise among those participating in the cryptocurrency transactions. Another cause is that understanding cryptocurrency techniques and structure is difficult among general investors.

Speculative Investors

Investors with little knowledge of the market have often turned to be speculative, especially when cryptocurrency prices surge. Many scam-related issues also target such investors.

The Biger Blockchain Crypto Asset Management Project Solution

The platform, which is the world’s largest cryptocurrency asset management company, aims to attract as much as 10 million ETH. Thus, it aims to do by allowing investors to manage their cryptocurrency assets safely and efficiently.

Biger is also an asset management platform for popular cryptocurrency investors. The platform also wishes to unveil a scheme divided into 3 stages: an operating platform using a reserve currency, ETH, different cryptocurrency operating platforms, and cryptocurrency-based asset management platform investing in various assets using cryptocurrency.

BIGER Token ICO Details

The token will make it possible to cut the cost of operation and invest in certain funds. Since the platform evolves from phase 1 to 3, it will create various funds that can only be used to invest in BIGER tokens.

  • Currency: ETH
  • Rate: 1 ETH=2462 BIGER

Private Sale

  • Hard cap: 30 000 ETH
  • Date: 29th June-27th July


  • Hard cap: 20 000 ETH
  • Date:28th Sep-Oct 26th

Main Sale

  • Hard cap 13 000 ETH
  • Date:9th Nov-7th Dec
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