Published: 2018-11-04 06:21:02

Education is so vital that it is considered one of the pillars of development and civilization. However, education systems still have a lot of room for improvement. A team of kids of varying ages and their mentors realized this and came up with an idea that will involve the use of a cryptocurrency.

KidBizo has been developed with the goal of revolutionizing education. It will partly rely on its tokens to do this, and its ICO launch is coming up soon.

The Idea Behind KidBizo

The education system of today is too standardized to be relied upon. Kids are subjected to a wide range of subjects and their strengths are not exploited well enough. If, however, they were supported in learning what they take to best, then their careers would be guaranteed and they could even be the best in their fields. This has to be done early while they are at their best learning capabilities.

KidBizo plans to identify kids’ strengths when it comes to education and exploit them accordingly. It will work with the kids’ parents, life coaches, mentors, business leaders in diverse fields, and any other relevant professionals to help each kid grow in his/her field.

KidBizo will also include ethical guidance in its mentorship programs to ensure that kids come up prudent and ready to take on the world. It will also avail access to funding for a wide range of issues.

How KidBizo Blockchain Crypto ICO Token Project Works

KidBizo’s main goal is to improve the education of kids around the world, but it also has optimistic outlooks for the future performance of the token it is about to launch.

The KidBizo token will be used by all who will be involved in this revolutionary education program. The token will also be used for transactions for a wide range of utilities as well as exchange against other cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. Its value will increase as the proposed education program grows in popularity. This is guaranteed considering the importance of education and people’s willingness to buy into the idea – investors have committed over $300 million so far.

KidBizo ICO Details

The proposed ICO by KidBizo will be the first of its kind. In fact, it is expected to revolutionize how ICOs are conducted as it affords greater trust and confidence in the token.

Investors seeking to buy into the proposed ICO will get pledges worth at least $5,000 – investors can request as many pledges as they wish. They will not be required to pay for the pledges right away. Instead, they will pay when the pledges they take now double in value. This is meant to ensure their confidence in the token’s optimistic future.

Token Sale Fund Distribution

  • 39% for sales and marketing
  • 33% for technology development
  • 11% for personnel
  • 9% for administration
  • 4% for legal expenses
  • 4% for other expenses

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