Stratis, the blockchain development platform, has announced a new development roadmap for the remainder of 2019. The roadmap focuses on both the adoption of the Stratis Platform and an increase in utilization of the Stratis token.

First off, the Stratis team plans to introduce Java and JavaScript support. By introducing support for new programming languages, it increases the audience that the Stratis Platform appeals to. The addition of this support will enable a new development community not familiar with the Microsoft .NET Core Framework to interact with and develop on Stratis.

The team also touched on expanding its token sale platform to include STOs. The team stated that it firmly believe there is still a market for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), and will now extend the functionality of the Stratis ICO Platform to cater for the regulatory requirements needed to conduct a Security Token Offering (STO). The support for STO’s will also bring additional features to the ICO Platform, with the inclusion of the platform being Smart Contract aware. This will allow token issuance contracts to be utilized during a crowdfund.

For mobile users, Stratis has put in place development plans for a native mobile application that caters to sending and receiving the Stratis token. The app will be delivered for both Android and iOS. This mobile wallet will allow users to simply transact on their mobile device utilizing a secure, functional and elegant mobile application.

Other Roadmap Features

Breeze Privacy Protocol for STRAT

The further development of the Breeze Privacy Protocol will include a new version of the Breeze Wallet with enhanced security. In addition, the team is working on bringing Segregated Witness support to the Stratis network to enable native Privacy Protocol support.

Proof-of-Stake Sidechains

The introduction of further consensus algorithms for Stratis Sidechains will grant even more bespoke use-cases on the Stratis Platform. The team envisions the development of further consensus algorithms on Stratis Sidechains will negate the requirement for the forking of source code. This will drive collaboration and encourage development on the already established Stratis codebase.

Sidechain Masternodes

Stratis Sidechain Masternodes will enable holders of the Stratis Token to operate as a block producer on a Stratis Sidechain. The first Sidechain Masternodes will be on the Cirrus Sidechain network, these Masternodes will earn rewards from transactions fees and smart contracts executed on the network.

Stratis Core 2.0

The release of Stratis Core 2.0 will incorporate new features that will enable interaction with other components within the Stratis ecosystem. The focus of this update is to continue to provide a simple user-experience from within the GUI, allowing users to manage their tokens and deploy new smart contracts with ease.

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These features include:

  • Token awareness to cater for tokens issued on a sidechain
  • Validation and deployment of a smart contract
  • Voting capability to interact with deployed sidechains

Stratis Payment Gateway

Stratis will develop a Payment Gateway that can be deployed by third-parties to utilize the STRAT token as a form of payment. The payment gateway will be designed to allow other tokens launching on the Stratis Platform to seamlessly implement the Stratis Payment Gateway for their requirements.

Unity SDK Integration

Unity is the creator of the world’s most widely used real-time 3D development platform. Stratis will provide an SDK for Unity developers, enabling the utilization of the Blockchain during game development. This unleashes a wide range of functionality for in-game token and asset markets where the blockchain is a perfectly suited technology.

The above-mentioned development activities represent the core work that will take place at Stratis over the remaining course of this year. There are additional internal developments that the team is aiming to deliver within the coming months, and will be announced in due time.

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