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Blockchain Goes Hollywood

What Is Blockchain Goes Hollywood?

Blockchain Goes Hollywood is a cryptocurrency event that will take place on February 1 and 2 2019 at the LA Convention Center in Los Angeles, California. The event aims at providing a platform where attendees can learn How, Why and Where to invest in cryptocurrency while educating themselves on blockchain technology and its positive impact worldwide.

Bringing Together Stakeholders

The summit also seeks to bring together some of the most influential members of the crypto community such as investors, representatives of crypto business and government entities, developers, economists, traders, authors of ICO projects, marketers and crypto enthusiasts. The event will provide the participants with a unique platform where they can discuss the benefits and potential of blockchain technology as well as crypto assets.

Additionally, the event will highlight some of the companies that are currently using blockchain technology to improve their industries and provide their processes with efficiency, security, and transparency. It will also educate the participants of the event on blockchain while enabling the industry participants to network and thus improve the adoption and utilization of blockchain technology.

Celebrities Party

On the second day of the event, there will be an after-party featuring top celebrities, a live band, and various drinks. The party will take place at the Avalon in Hollywood and will last the whole night. There are two categories of the after party: Standard and VIP. The standard section will have all the features but will not include the celebrities. The VIP section will also include the all the drinks, a setting area, tables and much more.

Besides, the event has collaborated with service providers, PR and marketing companies, ICOs as well as Blockchain and crypto experts to help start up projects through the poker tournament. The top three winners of the tournament will receive support for their projects from the beginning to the end. The support will be in form of celebrity advertising and marketing videos, web development, branding, bounty services, or smart contracts.

Why Attend Blockchain Goes Hollywood?

Blockchain Investment Opportunities

One of the main agendas of the events is connecting blockchain investment opportunities with investors. This subsequently creates an environment where startups or established companies seeking funding have the opportunity to display their projects to potential investors and investors can meet the founders of the projects.

Learn From The Best

Participants will have the opportunity to listen to the opinions of some of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency market and share insights with crypto and blockchain technology companies, service providers and investors or even ask those questions during the Q&A session.

Experienced Organizing Team

The Blockchain Goes Hollywood team has years of experience in event organizing. This therefore guarantees attendees that the event will be organized, informative, educational, and impactful, which will in turn provide them with the necessary tools and relationships to advance in the dynamic blockchain industry.

Networking Opportunities

The event will create networking opportunities for investors, developers, thought leaders, celebrities and regulatory agencies alike, which will result in the formation of partnerships that will advance and expand blockchain technology while creating a stable entrepreneurial ecosystem.

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