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A Blockchain powered platform has been introduced by the Taipei Medical University Hospital to better keep medical records, reported the Taipei Time on 31st August.

The “Healthcare Blockchain Platform” was set up by the hospital with the objective to provide due support to the Hierarchical Medical System policy, enable a better patient referral service and assimilate related healthcare networks with an overarching theme of maintaining the medical records in an orderly and easy manner. Access to this is granted via a password protected mobile application.

Initially involving just above 100 clinics, which deployed the technology primarily to address the administrative issue of information transfer between the medical bodies and the patients. The implemented technology provides the patients with “a complete set of all their medical records, including high-resolution medical images, lab results, and clinical and health exam information,” smart contracts, a key functionality of cryptocurrencies, will be used so the hospitals can disseminate their patient’s records.

Talking to Tapei Times, the superintendent of the Taipei University Hospital, Chen Ray-jade said “blockchain technology not only helps to combine electronic medical records with electronic health records from multiple hospitals and clinics, it also incorporates the additional security feature of notification and consent before any transfer takes places.”

The distributed and immutable technology that the blockchain has pioneered has been increasingly used by healthcare establishments, among others, globally. Macrogen, the South Korean enterprise partnered up with Bigster, a tech firm to develop a data ecosystem that allows the storage of genomic and personal information in a secure manner., an American Science research marketplace unveiled, back in May, a blockchain system to protect sensitive pharmaceutical data. The company is also pushing for a decrease in data regulations on biopharma businesses.

Camelot Consulting Group in Germany created a blockchain to better manage medical information where the data is encrypted to prevent theft and misuse, secured safely in an unchangeable blockchain and the process can only be carried out by authorized personnel.

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