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Blueshare Security Tokens (BST) refers to the tokenized equity capital participation shares of the INTERPROM Mining AG—a Swiss-based consolidated firm. INTERPROM Mining is among the first businesses worldwide to offer their traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offer capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders.

INTERPROM Mining Objectives

Interprom Mining AG seeks to fund a pool of natural resources exploration and extraction projects through the support of the crypto community by letting its members participate directly and transparently in a future income stream and capital gains from these projects.

This leads to the core reward to Blueshare token holders, which is the income from dividends, together with the significant potential for capital gains coming from business growth, risks resolution from the advancement of projects, and unprecedented mobility and liquidity of the crypto instrument through its P2P proprietary platform, and expected listings.

The Group intends to have the Blueshare token listed on at least three fully regulated and compliant blockchain securities exchanges by the end of 2019 and 3 more by the end of 2020. Interprom Mining AG delivers the World’s pioneering Blueshare—a real-business equity capital participation share token.

By doing so, Interprom resolves an essential deficiency for the crypto-world by offering potential holders a better-defined, more predictable future income stream from its existing business and mining projects capitalized into a digital financial instrument.

What is Blueshare?

Blueshare is a security token that embodies a defined equity capital participation share of the future expected profits and assets of a portfolio of natural resources projects of a 23-year old established company and within the Group. The innovative model of Blueshare brings the best of both worlds and combines the flexibility and freedom of a distributed blockchain based asset simultaneously and the tangible real-life business of natural resources extraction and construction.

The Blueshare asset tokens instantly transferable and provide a flexible and cost-efficient way of investing in less risky and less volatile income stream, based on and secured by the income and the value of Interprom EOOD and Interprom Mining AG real assets that include ongoing construction projects and the pool of mining exploration concessions.

Why Blueshare?

Blueshare security tokens provide exposure to a construction business with 23 years of proven record of accomplishment as well as a pipeline of natural resources mining and exploration projects in four easy and simple steps.

  • Signup: simply register on the Blueshare platform
  • Get whitelisted: Pass KYC/AML procedure in line with the Swiss regulatory framework
  • Invest: invest in fiat (EUR) or crypto such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and more
  • Refer: you can refer new investors to blue share and get rewards

A decentralized, P2P platform

Interprom aims to provide its own virtual marketplace in order to facilitate better liquidity, full transparency, and quick online dividend payout solution to all its security token holders. This will be complemented by a parallel listing on at least three more regulated marketplaces within the first 6 months after the completion of the STO.

The views and opinions expressed in the article BlueShare Security Tokens (BST): Legit Cryptocurrency? do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research..


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