Published: 2018-10-29 14:15:37

Monday morning started with some market issues as to European equities markets operator Euronext experienced some technical difficulties. The company managed to resolve them as of the time of publication.

The issue affected several broker feeds which have been offering access to European equities markets. Interruptions also affected fixed income, ETFs, funds segments, and derivatives markets.

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The Timeline of Events

Euronext’s issues started around the market open in Europe and persisted for most of the morning. After several messages to customers that the exchange is working to resolve its problems, it has managed to address the issue around 13:09 CET.

The French CAC40 and the Dutch AEX indices remained uninterrupted, while ETFs closed down. Technical issues persisted on and off throughout the morning and early afternoon. The equities segment closed at 10:29:54 CET and the funds segment went down at 10:43:43 CET.

With the equities derivatives being affected, a big part of the markets which retail brokers appear to have remained intact. Index futures, options, currencies, and commodities were open and trading regularly.

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Temporary Website Slowdown

After the official message to market participants that the issue has been closed, the website of Euronext still appears to be very slow. The company has published the full timeline of events which we are attaching below.

Official timeline of events at Euronext this morning, Source: Euronext

In the meantime, brokers should be back to normal functionality as the market is fully functional.

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