The American cryptocurrency community is seemingly attracting the attention of the various 2020 presidential elections. This is perfectly evidenced by the second 2020 U.S. presidency hopeful to express interests in appealing to this large group.

After expressing his interests to run for the big post, Eric Swalwell Jr., a Californian Congressman, has started receiving donations from his follows. Part of his donors, however, includes those sending in their support in the form of cryptocurrency. This latest development follows his promise to support innovations of Blockchain in the U.S. if he eventually ascends to power.

The announcement, made in conjunction with The White Company – a Blockchain firm, in on May 23rd looks sure to tilt the equation in his favor. For him, working with The White Company, a startup whose role will be to handle all the crypto donations, makes the most unequivocal statement regarding his intentions yet.

He’s accepting donations in all forms of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin S.V. (BSV), XLM and the recipient’s very-own WSD token. Rep. Swalwell Jr. who is serving as the state’s 15th Congressman, recently made public his intentions and has since received overwhelming support.

Young And Little-Known Among The Greats

He’s planning to vie under the Democratic Party, although he’ll have to battle it out for the party’s ticket. He will have to be victorious in a list of over two dozen Democrats, all of whom are persons of incredible feats.

Rep. Swalwell Jr. is pretty young in the world of politics, although he certainly knows the power that crypto will have on his quest. Given that he has to rack in 1% support in any preapproved polls or amass donations from any 65,000 American voters for him to make it to the party’s upcoming T.V. debate, his stakes are higher. He’s, therefore, banking on the support of the vibrant, fast-growing American crypto community.

On the landing page of his official cryptocurrency donations website, the Congressman’s objectives are crystal-clear. He promises to leverage the technologies running the crypto space to “empower” the American people. Some of the highlights on it include using it to end gun violence, put to bed the thorny issue of student loans, and streamline Government services.

Swalwell Jr Is Second to His Promises on Crypto and Blockchain

Before announcing his support for crypto and subsequently accepting crypto donations, Andrew Yang – another 2020 hopeful, had rolled out his pro-blockchain policies. Yang, the face behind the phenomenal meme movement, #YangGang, had wowed many with his grand plan on the debate eliciting topic of universal basic income.

Yang, a serial entrepreneur, is also famous for his vocal calls to reverse what terms as the “chilling effect” that the competing federal policies have had on the country’s digital asset front. And his campaign website is even bold on this, a factor that has earned him lots of praises among those who form the crypto-economy.

Neeraj Agrawal of Coin Center, a popular crypto advocacy group, seems to have been impressed by Yang’s policies. According to him, the politician-cum-philanthropist appears best suited to address the issues facing crypto investors in the U.S.

From the most recent polls, Andrew Yang commands about 3% of the support from all Democrats across the country. He’s, therefore, well suited to appear in the forthcoming party presidential debates.

Regardless of the Outcome, the Two will Have Left a Huge Statement in the Political Space

If Rep. Swalwell Jr manages to attract support from the same group, he may eventually share the podium with Yang. The essence of being on the debate is far much higher given the millions who will be glued to their screens.

The two, being the dark horses in this whole race, have a lot to prove if either has to eventually clinch the party ticket and face the current president. But if anything, they are underlining the power that cryptocurrencies have in the mainstream America of today.

The views and opinions expressed in the article California’s Eric Swalwell Jr Becomes Second 2020 US Presidential Candidate to Tap Into Crypto Investors do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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