Published: 2018-11-23 12:11:10
Carrefour Begins Hyperledger-Based Blockchain Poultry Platform For Quality And Origin Tracking

Carrefour, a popular and large-scale retail operator in France and that is in over thirty other countries has started a blockchain food tracking platform. The platform is based on the Hyperledger.

IBM developed the food tracking system and in Carrefour’s case, it will use the technology to oversee the transition of Calidad y Origen chicken, also known as “Quality and Origin.” The chickens are sourced from the Galicia region and are not raised with any antibiotics. Each package features a QR code, which includes information such as the chicken’s birth date, nutrition, packaging, and so much more.

Carrefour issued a press release, in which it stated that blockchain technology is an integral part of its supply chain. The technology allows for more transparency, customers are able to review the distribution process, and to verify where their food is coming from. The company is considering on expanding its use of decentralized technology and to implement it into a Calidad y Origien line of products.

Cointelegraph recently reported that Carrefour has tested its blockchain technology tracking system with a French poultry company in 2018. The company also announced in its statement that it will be joining IBM’s blockchain-based Food Trust, which was developed in 2016. The program launched trial programs, in which many other retailers joined.

There have also been firms that have added such supply chain technology to their operations. The system is ultimately designed to improve transparency, reduce costs, mitigate food delivery time, and so much more. One popular example in the United States where this technology has been implemented is Walmart’s leafy-green distribution.

Four large agriculture companies in the United States are also implementing technology called ABCD.

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