What Is Pyrofex?

Pyrofex is a corporation that focuses on creating the next generation of blockchain platforms as well as decentralized applications. Pyrofex provides the industry with distributed development tools that are user friendly, secure, and highly reliable with the aim of ensuring that large-scale distributed computing is easier and more accessible to everyone.

Pyrofex Background

Mike Stay and Nash Foster founded Pyrofex Corporation in 2016 and it became the first blockchain and cryptocurrency startup in Utah valley. Currently, Pyrofex has its headquarters in the Riverwoods area of Provo, UT. Its development team has also grown from two co-founders to a team of over 24 professionals carefully selected from more than 1000 candidates.

The Pyrofex Corporation team is made up of individuals with experience in cryptography, formal verification, mathematics, information security, and system engineering. Pyrofex is therefore able create customized blockchain solutions that meet the clients’ business needs regardless of whether the clients’ system is an open source, a permissioned ledger, or a combination of both.

Pyrofex Products

Pyrofex achieves its objectives through a wide variety of products that are carefully designed by the Pyrofex team to suit the individual needs of business. The projects include:

Casanova Consensus Protocol

Casanova is a decentralized consensus protocol with various uses cases in blockchain technology. This protocol is designed to produce blocks in a directed acyclic graph (DAG) format instead of a chain format.

The protocol then combines the voting rounds with the block production process through eliminating conflicting transactions. This ensures that Casanova is a safe and accurate consensus that is capable of handling large-scale transactions.


With the CDelta product, Pyrofex aims at enhancing the development of the next generation blockchain technology. CDelta is based on a directed acyclic graph (DAG) and is powered by the Casanova Consensus Protocol, which provides CDelta with the ability to process and confirm over 2000 transactions per seconds.

Apart from featuring the fastest transaction speeds, CDelta implements the highest safety and reliability standards through its integration of security optimizations such as line-item vetos, zero-weight validators, and enemy-specific traffic delays.

Numifex Cryptocurrency Payment Processing

This product provides a solution to merchants dealing in cryptocurrency transactions through the fixed-price, payment-processing feature. The Numifex payment-processing tool does not deduct any service or transaction fees since the merchants transact directly with their customers.

Banks, businesses and individuals seeking fast transactions that do not include intermediaries can use Numifex, which will save them money on both ends of the transaction. Furthermore, Numifex provides its users with full control over their revenue streams.


Pyr8 is an advanced JavaScript execution engine that individuals can utilize as a general purpose network server for distributed systems. The main competitive advantage of Pyr8 is that it combines high performance with guaranteed security and provides its users with access to a collection of APIs that are easy to use and understand.

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