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The Invest App created by circles provides users with the ability to buy the BSV, Bitcoin SV easily, this is according to a tweet that was made by the company early morning. CNN went ahead to verify that the BSV has actually been made available on the application from the latest version made available to the users.

So far, the application had been able to get over 50,000 installations just on the Google Play Store, which has made it just a little less popular than the famous Coinbase, which has been able to have over five million installations.

At the time of writing, the Bitcoin SV has been trading at just $90 on the Circle Invest, but when we look at the Bitcoin Cash, it has been trading at $98.61. When we combine these two, they are still less than the previous Bitcoin Cash that was at the pre-fork. It is also safe to say with the market losses there have been millions of dollars that exited Bitcoin Cash market just at fork, which is actually at the heart of an ongoing lawsuit that is against the Bitcoin ABC.

More On The Circle Invest

The main aim for the Circle Invest is to find individuals who would like to create a crypto profile that is in a regulated manner. All you will need for this to be possible is a bank account, but the use of debit or credit cards are not allowed, this could be the reason as to why the Coinbase has a much larger coin base.

The company also owns the Poloniex, which has been able to acquire hundreds of listings. Therefore, once you have been able to acquire a base trading as a user, then you are able to go ahead and exchange and also participate in the crypto market just like any veteran trader within the market.

Poloniex is considered to be among the first exchanges that announced it would be handling the Bitcoin Cash fork, a move that was enabling the different users the ability for Bitcoin Cash Units to split just before the fork and the beginning trading. The most interesting thing you will find about the Bitcoin SV is the fact that is has a near parity with the current price of Ethereum; however, it has a much smaller market cap.

It is clear the Bitcoin SV has set a very interesting precedent for the future despite the fact it is very new to the market and lacks the overall liquidity. If the Bitcoin Core developers ever have a real philosophical divide, then we might see the market respond positively to a fork if it has been given the opportunity to flourish.

At the moment the Bitcoin seems to be content in working in the second layer scaling solutions framework like the Lighting Network. Even though the market appears to have witnessed a downturn when we look at it economically, in the technology section things have not stopped as things seem to be progressing.

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