There has been a consistent trend of crypto becoming much more accessible to the masses as it is sold on more platforms besides traditional crypto exchanges, is being accepted by more merchants around the world and is also seeing greater ease-of-use for customers as crypto debit and credit cards are making a splash on the scene.

Now blockchain is getting similar treatment as Cloudflare, an internet security provider has announced that they are introducing an Ethereum gateway into their distributed web gateway toolbox which allows users to interact with the network without the need for installing special software.

These efforts are part of the firm’s distributed web gateway project which hopes to expand on the decentralized ecosystem while increasing reliability, speed, and ease-of-use. Usually, special software needs to be installed on a user’s computer system before they can access the Ethereum network but since blockchain is becoming a more vital part of human life, it is essential that is more accessible.

Now rather than downloading and verifying hundreds of gigabytes of data cryptographically, which is practically impossible for most smaller devices, this will allow any device with web access interact with the Ethereum network, essentially removing the technical barrier to entry that previously existed.

What this Means

As a result of this new setup, individuals without needing any prior software, can explore the Eethereum blockchain and add interactive elements to various sites that run on their smart contracts. The gateway even allows them to add smart contract on Ethereum without needing to run their own nodes.

This is because Cloudflare will take signed transactions and push it through the to the network which allows miners to cryptographically add them.

It is remarkable that despite the immense value that the service will bring, Cloudflare is making it completely free. According to Nick Sullivan, the head of cryptography at the firm, the program leverages existing Cloudflare network which already has a number of free services attached to it. He notes that the network is still young and so fees cannot be introduced as of now but might be at some point in the future.

In the meantime, the company is trying to expand access and utility of smart contracts to those that are not familiar with it and their main target is for developers and ecosystem at large in order to show that computing can be done differently.

“By providing a gateway to the Ethereum network we can help users make the jump from general web-user to cryptocurrency native, eventually making using the distributed web a fundamental part of the Internet,” Jonathan Hoyland stated in a recent blog post.

Cloudflare has stated that it is one access point among many gateways that already exist meaning they will not become a centralized authority on the Ethereum blockchain.

New visitors to the gateways website will have the opportunity to interact with an example app while those who have more interest can access the RPC API through which they can achieve a number of tasks on the Ethereum network which includes smart contracts and transfer of funds.

Sullivan also explained that the majority of those who use Cloudflare are using it mainly as a hobby besides the Independent bloggers and image-sharing website and so on that make use of their IFPS gateway

“ETH and IPFS are big names in very small space — the crypto space. But in a broader audience they’re not very well known, not commonly understood,” said Sullivan. “Part of this announcement is to help elevate the profile of these protocols… to solve difficult problems with distributed computing,” he said.

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