Published: 2018-11-14 23:15:51

FX Settlement Services, CLS To Launch Blockchain-Based “Netting” Service Shortly

Chief Strategy Officer of CLS, Alan Marquard took the opportunity to announce the soon-approaching launch of FX settlement services provider, CLS’ new blockchain-based netting service during the IBM Think Conference.

As reported by news outlet, Computer Business Review (CBR), Marquard addressed the public and shared the new endeavor as being the first ever, “enterprise-level, open-for-business service,” focused financial service that runs of distributed ledger technology (DLT).

Marquard also supposedly discussed the specs of the new launch with CBR, who has since revealed that the firm will be starting small and observing the results of the first quarter since operations to further “scale up”.

As defined by Investopedia, a netting service involves counter weighting several payments based on the exchange taking place between two or more parties. The ultimate goal, with respect to trading, is to offset a position in one currency with another position within the same currency or a different one.

The need for netting is evident, as it supposedly helps to save a lot of time and money by cutting down the number of processed transactions, which in turn could lead to improved pricing as well. CBR also reviewed a whitepaper that has been launched by the duo, IBM and CLS, which has revealed that the use of netting can contribute towards increasing efficiency in solving disputes.

As for Marquard’s speech during the IBM Think Conference, he spoke about the thousands of dollars that goes just into trying to solve disputes and how firms within this field need to focus on fighting against inefficiency by coming up with cost and time-effective solutions. In his viewpoint,

“In the early days of blockchain there was a lot of pretty uninformed promise of changing the world, by people who haven’t taken the effort to understand the space.”

Based on CLS’ official website, the CLSNet is a “bilateral payment netting solution that allows you to drive operational process efficiencies, such as optimizing intraday liquidity, enabling real-time awareness of currency and counterparty exposures and reducing risk,” adding that they offer, “participants the option of submitting their net payment instructions via SWIFT channels.”

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