CoinPayments.Net Removes All Telegram Bots, Implements New Authentication Protocols

As with any financial endeavor, the cryptocurrency ecosystem has been substantially plagued with scammers of all different methods.

While some go directly to users with their malware, recent Telegram bots were uncovered on the CoinPayments website. Now, in a new video published by a YouTube channel called “To the Lifeboats,” the host has described how these bot scammers have finally been shut down.

In their report, the website has decided to ultimately remove all of the bots from their services, and will now be implementing protocols that ensure that the users provide proof that they are real and not a bot. The decision brought down dozens of scams with one change in their requirements, effectively providing protection to consumers on their platform.

The host of the video, called “Crypto Telegram Bot Scammers Shutdown!” said that the decision to remove these bots was the result of both promoted videos from themselves and others. He also noted that there were many users that voiced their disdain for the actions of the bots.

Clearly, the individuals that ran these bots are not pleased, as they have expressed on social media. The host of the show posted a tweet that expressed his happiness that these scammers are about to have a bad day in the land of CoinPayments.

Soon after, CoinPayments saw the post, commenting that they were happy to have the support of their consumers while they “clean house.”

Even though the removal of these bots is clearly harmful, the video host expressed that he sees “valid use cases,” but the removal is so much more important.

He even told CoinPayments that they would be getting a shout out in the video.

In the Pro Ledger bot, the host turns the attention to the bots. Many of these Telegram bots are saying that their platforms are undergoing maintenance right now, which he said is a “sign” that the scams are “starting to fail.”

The group was converted to a private group right after the annoucement that bots will be deleted from CoinPayments.

Seemingly an effort to preserve themselves, the scammers said that the maintenance will hopefully be resolved within two days. If, by the third day, the users are unable to get their funds, the channel directed users to contact them directly for manual withdrawal. The host said that this suggestion is most likely the steps that precede an exit scam.

Throughout the video, the host shows multiple screenshots and recorded video of him going through the various channels for the bots, adding that all of them have cited either maintenance issues, withdrawal issues, or similar issues.

Furthermore, these bots are disabling their channels or privatizing them to prevent users from catching on. Here’s the full video:

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