Dan Larimer is known as the Chief Technology Officer of Block.one, and he has been promising some big changes. On March 25th this year, he said that EOS would be making the “biggest announcement” coming up on June 1st. At this point, there is not any information about exactly what to expect from this announcement, but rumors have been circulating that EOS is launching a social network.

Mahbod Moghadam, the former chief community officer for Everipedia and the founder of Genius.com, commented that EOS could be looking to launch a social network on top of Everipedia. The layering would be an effort to become compatible with the IQ token.

Even though Moghadam stated that he holds absolutely no insider information, but his comments were based on “common sense.” He added that he could be right about the announcement, implying that he is the “Cassandra of the internet.”

Sense.Chat founder Crystal Rose is responsible for bringing in the biggest chat app to hit EOS, and even she discussed adding the IQ token to their platform. Everipedia seemed open to the idea as well.

A Twitter account called Kenny Crane, which is a pseudonym, tweets about the various developments involving EOS. In one of the more recent tweets, the account discussed the June 1st announcement, which is not due until 8:00pm EST.

The CTO of Block.one has also created Steem.it during his career, which is a social media platform that is entirely decentralized, while allowing contributors to collect earnings. In a Tweet from February, it is possible that a little hint was leaked.

Adding a little support to this idea, it is worth mentioning that Block.one used over $3.3 million EOS as a way to purchase RAM on the EOS Network. Could this be a sign that a decentralized application is coming? No one really knows. However, the rumor mill has stopped at nothing to try and figure out what is happening.

Brendan Blumer, the co-founder and CEO of Block.one, even tried to get involved, posting to Twitter as a way to manage some of the hearsay. He commented that the public needs “to be realistic,” adding that the “wild rumors” around are not based on any kind of fact. He added that there are no partnerships being established with Facebook, Google, or Apple, and that there isn’t an airdrop planned.

The announcement is only a few hours away, so all of the rumors will likely end then. However, nothing in the cryptocurrency world is ever certain, so who knows?

The views and opinions expressed in the article Could the Next EOS Announcement by Block.One Be for A #B1 Social Network of Their Own? do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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