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There are few people in the world of crypto that are quite as entertaining as Craig Wright, who has repeatedly made headlines this year for his various statements, actions, and feuds. He has been. for a long time, claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto which has earned him a lot of criticism from many within the industry and his actions in that regard escalated when he formally filed with the US trademark office this year as the founder of Bitcoin. His actions also saw bitcoin SV, his flagship coin, delisted from many exchanges earlier this year and has earned even more hatred.

The latest of his feuds are part of his ongoing on John McAfee, a crypto enthusiast and businessman who is running for president of United States. Wright has doubled down on his feud in a new blog post which called out MmcAffee for being a criminal and also threatened legal action. He also delved into bitcoin SV and the concept of anonymity within the cyberpunk world which is a rather interesting topic as the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto has been concealed since the Bitcoin whitepaper was released despite Craig’s claims of being the founder.

The Heart Of The Matter

In his post, Wright right spoke about the core principles of the cyberpunk movement, one of which is anonymity and has stated that it is a means to aid criminal activity despite its prominence within the movement.

“One thing you’ll understand here is that those who are seeking an anonymous system are those who are seeking to act outside the law. It is people such as John McAfee, whose life has been an endless series of scams,”

the post said.

this statement is controversial not only because of the issues regarding the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto but also because a massive number of crypto users believe that the use of crypto should be kept anonymous despite the efforts taken by a number of firms and governments identifying crypto users which have been met very coldly.

This ties in with his vision for bitcoin SV, which he claims is the legal and original vision for the cryptocurrency and that other bitcoins versions are fake.

Attack on McAfee

He then went on to attack the McAfee, who he called a criminal and brought up the shady nature surrounding his previous actions.

“He is a criminal on the run, he has broken law after law, and he fled countries as a result. He takes money to promote scams, profits, and lives awake of destruction. Such is the problem with anarchy; it is people like John McAfee who run Ponzis and scams and the people with money who benefit most from your system without law,”

he said.

The validity of these claims cannot entirely be denied as McAffee is currently in international waters to avoid prosecution from the authorities in the United States and has also bragged about charging huge amounts of money for projects to make use of his name and has also been involved in several projects that have been rather controversial such as a hacked crypto wallet that was touted as unhackable. Wright went on to call McAfee several names before threatening legal action.

“I would very happily face John McScammer a.k.a. McAfee a.k.a. conman John in court, because the defense for libel is truth, and if I can get conman John into a court, by the time we finish he will be spending multiple life sentences in prison. If I could, I would even get Mr conman John to sue me, because then he would have to go to court, and he would never leave again without wearing an orange jumpsuit,”

he stated.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Craig Wright and John McAfee Exchange Verbal Warfare as ‘McScammer’ vs ‘Faketoshi’ Heats Up do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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