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Crypto Exchange Offering Revenue Sharing and Copy Trading to Launch in Arabic and English

A crypto exchange says it aims to offer “an exceptional user experience for all traders on its platform, regardless of their experience level,” delivering support for multiple languages and sharing revenue among users.

Pukkamex argues that many of the services dominating the industry right now are clunky, slow and vulnerable to crashing during crucial trades, something that can be disastrous for seasoned traders when prices are volatile. The company claims that its infrastructure eliminates unscheduled outages, meaning trades “will always be processed instantly, even during times of peak demand.”

The exchange says that its support for multiple languages is one of its main points of difference – and at launch, Pukkamex will be available in both Arabic and English. In explaining why it believes this support will open up its platform to a wider market, the company’s white paper states “The Arabic language is used by a substantial proportion of the global population, and is becoming increasingly important in the online world.” Compatibility in other languages – including Mandarin, Korean and Russian – is set to follow within the first year of its launch.

Pukkamex is initially going to focus on delivering Bitcoin/USD and Ethereum/USD pairings, but plans to diversify by adding BTC pairings for ETH, XRP, Litecoin, Monero, EOS and Bitcoin Cash soon after launch.

The exchange also has its own utility token, PUX, which is going to be available for trading on decentralized exchanges that support ERC-20 tokens. Those who hold PUX tokens will be eligible to participate in Pukkamex’s revenue-sharing initiative, the team says.

Pukkamex is available here

Intuitive copy trading

Several other crypto exchanges currently deploy copy trading to some extent, but according to Pukkamex, its platform is going to offer this feature at a scale that has never been seen before.

The exchange plans to offer a leaderboard of traders that crypto users can emulate if they so wish, and all of those who are featured in these rankings will have been verified by Pukkamex in advance – or will have amassed at least three months experience on the platform with a minimum trade volume of 25 BTC.

Users who choose to copy a trader’s transactions are able to allocate a set amount of their balance, and can stop copying whenever they please. Pukkamex’s leaderboard will also set out each trader’s average return on equity (ROE) and clearly state how much commission they are charging for their services, enabling the community to make an informed decision about which trader they wish to follow.

Spreading the word

Pukkamex says it hopes to generate awareness about its exchange – and the revenue sharing and copy trading it offers – through a referral program. Users who recommend the platform to a friend are going to be entered into a raffle where they could win tickets to the North American Bitcoin Conference, an Audi A6, a lifetime of free trading on Pukkamex and other crypto prizes.

In explaining why it believes its platform has the potential to thrive in a crowded marketplace, the exchange’s white paper adds: “We see a strong market opportunity for a simple, secure and highly reliable leveraged cryptocurrency derivative trading platform. Delivering an exceptional user experience is a core focus of our vision. We intend to offer a feature-rich platform that combines highly secure infrastructure with a simple, streamlined user interface.”

Pukkamex has completed a seed stage of funding, and a private sale is taking place between March and May 2019. A presale of PUX tokens will follow in May and June, with a public sale commencing in July 2019.

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