BlockSafe Technologies, a company that secures the blockchain ecosystem with a suite of solutions that protect against an array of cyber vulnerabilities, today announced that the crowdfunding website for their (BSAFE) revenue generating token is now live. The token adheres to compliance guidelines from the Securities and Exchange Commission and can be purchased on the company’s website

BlockSafe’s CryptoDefender app, a comprehensive security solution for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, is already available for a $9.99 monthly subscription and can be installed on up to five different devices. The other two solutions are in various stages of development, with ExchangeDefender in beta

The company is seeking to raise funds to commercialize and market their security solutions, which includes:

  • CryptoDefender, which protects crypto wallets by securing desktop and mobile devices
  • ExchangeDefender, which protects the internal users & systems of crypto exchanges
  • BlockchainDefender, a solution that caters to enterprises and industry consortia, by ensuring security for permissioned blockchains

“People and businesses need to take notice of attacks, understand the implications and recognize that there is a way to defend themselves. The company is 100 percent dedicated to defending blockchain & crypto and we’ve been in cyber for nearly 20 years. This is why the time has come to tokenize our offering, allowing investors to join us in a journey that brings security to the crypto community. We want to bolster confidence in the blockchain and cryptocurrency, while protecting the investments in these spaces from poor token projects and malware.”

George Waller, CEO of BlockSafe Technologies

BlockSafe is at the forefront of defending crypto wallets and exchanges. More than a billion dollars in cryptocurrency were stolen in 2018, a four-fold increase over 2017, and $9 million is stolen each day from individual wallets. Crypto wallets and exchanges are themselves secure, however, access to them through the internet is often the weak link, one that attackers manipulate. Additionally, the majority of all mobile phones worldwide have some form of malware onboard where nefarious players watch surreptitiously as users record passwords and other vital information. These are the areas that BlockSafe defends.

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