Hitting The Ground Running: Coinsquare Hits Europe As It Launches In 25 Countries

While it is a very widely known cryptocurrency exchange in Canada, being one of the largest in the country. It’s been made public that this position coincides with a storming launch into the European Union, with more than 25 exchanges being established across the continent. This is according to a report from Wednesday 19th December.

Within the statement, Coinsquare announced that it has worked to significantly expand opportunities for itself within the market. Significant being an understatement as the exchange has managed to send it rocketing up by approximately 1,200%. This gives the company, and an increased pool of customers, the opportunity to trade and do business with what is the world’s third largest market.

For europeans, it represents a far more expanded range of trading in the cryptocurrency market, which now includes the buying and selling of ETH ,BTC, BCH and a great number of others.

Along with this exposure, clients operating within the continent will have immediate access to Coinsquare’s already existing services such as its wealth concierge, API for business to businesses clients, as well as access to Capital investment markets for family office investors and institutional investment markets.

One of the areas that remain in the grey is the number of methods that EU-based customers have when it comes to funding their account.

The company’s CEO, Cole Diamond went into detail over the company’s movements over the past few years:

“From our earliest days, Coinsquare has been focused on building the most compliant and secure trading business in the cryptocurrency space.”

Diamond went on to discuss the steady evolution of the platform, concluding that the climate was right for the company to expand over to other markets.

“After building a great deal of new infrastructure, achieving a successful third party financial audit, and securing top-tier Canadian banking, we felt the time was right to expand our offering to another market. We decided to begin with Europe given the size of the opportunity and our ability to offer something unique to that market.”

Coinsquare Pushes The Initiative

The announcement of over 25 exchanges across the European Union serves as a fulfilled promise that the company made back in August, further adding at the time that operations in the EU will be fully launched by the end of 2018, according to the financial news site Finance Magnates concluded at the time.

This push outwards to international markets by the Canadian Coinbase (as it’s been referred to at times) is the very first time that it has moved out of the North American continent. Diamond went on to state the underlying reason for the push across the ocean.

“Europe is a rapidly-growing cryptocurrency market and the cryptocurrency community there is excited to have an option that puts security, compliance, and risk management at the forefront of its offering,” Diamond added.

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