What Is Internacional?

This platform aims to be a financing and trading leader for the industry 4.0 era by using technologies like blockchain where the user’s needs come first. Internacional coin was first created in the year 2017 when the team behind this coin was in a discussion on the various challenges that are facing the current cryptocurrency exchanges.

It came to their attention that new entrants faced various barriers among other challenges. They then decided to create an all-in-one exchange that accommodates everyone. The platform will accommodate both beginners and professionals.

The Problem Internacional Seeks To Solve

There are various barriers to entry in the industry, which discourage most of the new entrants. Also, there is a big challenge in navigating the exchanges, even for the most experienced investors.

The Internacional Crypto Trading & Financing Platform Solution

The Internacional coin seeks to create a platform that is accommodative to all the industry players and reduce the barriers to the crypto industry. The company takes it seriously in the investment of the surplus funds in the investor’s accounts. The Internacional coin also seeks to be used as an international digital currency and thus be used as a means of payment for the buying and selling transactions in the online platform.

Internacional Features

Safe And Secure

The Internacional coin is safe and secure, as it operates on the blockchain platform. This makes it very difficult for the hackers and intruders to get unauthorized access to the platform.


The founding team in the International coin platform has a wealth of experience in the cryptocurrency world. This makes them the best people to run the company guaranteeing the investors less loss and more profits.

Buy And Sell

The international coin is made in such a way that it can be used as a medium of payment for the buy and sell transactions in the online platform.

Inter Payment Processor

This platform can be used to process payments across various platforms. The company has deep roots in the world of online payments and the purchase transactions such as hypermarkets, prepaid cards, and resorts airlines among others.

Internacional Inter Token & ICO Details

The Internacional coin promo will be starting at a sale of the price of $0.1 and it will have limited time and channeling. At the opening of the internal market, the price will have risen to about $0.25 and thus it is possible to make crazy profits of about 50 -100%. In addition, at the time of the ICO sale, the least price was about $0.25. The ICO sale starts in about six days and interested parties can join.

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