What Is TokenAnalyst?

TokenAnalyst is a simple tool that enables users to explore on-chain data for a wide variety of crypto assets. The tool is designed to acquire data from blocks located on the Ethereum blockchain and then convert the data into meaningful metrics that users can use to enhance their research and cryptocurrency investment decisions.

Token Analyst users receive information on volume flows between Altcoin exchanges and fiat on ramps and receive notifications when the exchange inflow is more than the exchange volume. The site is frequently updated and features an API where users can receive real-time data. Additionally, the Token Analyst platform allows users to make money staking cryptocurrencies they own and by being active in the on-chain economy.

The data availed on the platform includes number of tokens transferred over the past 24 hours, the on-chain transactions in the last 24 hours, cryptocurrency owners, and they amount of tokens they are holding and the largest on-chain transactions in previous 24 hours.

How TokenAnalyst Works

There are four account types for users to access on TokenAnalyst; Free, Hobbyist, Enterprise, and Pro accounts. The Free account provides the users with datasets for Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 transactions. It also account provides data from a 90-day period and once the user downloads it, they will access CSV and API.

The Hobbyist account can be purchased using Fiat, Bitcoin, and Ethereum and provides users with access to smart contract and token analytics datasets. The datasets contain information on the full historical data for coin as well as access to CSV, API & Websockets. With the Pro account, users will receive the datasets for exchange and stablecoin flows.

The Enterprise account is suitable for institutional investors that require custom metrics datasets and access to the Graph Explorer.

Why Use TokenAnalyst?

For Traders

With TokenAnalyst, traders will receive real-time alerts when large transactions occur or when a large whale makes a deposit into a cryptocurrency exchange. This will be crucial for the traders since they will be able to make trading decisions based on the whale’s actions.

For Institutional Investors

TokenAnalyst is integrated with a custom graph explorer that institutional investors can use to track the flow of funds and create customized metrics. The graph explorer can be merged with the institution’s trading tools in order to enhance the investment process.

For Researchers

Researchers on Token Analyst will have access to the granular blockchain network data that includes the number of active addresses available, the circulating supply, the utility ratios for the cryptocurrencies in the market, and the growth in address, among many others.

For dApp Developers

Decentralized application developers can subscribe on Token Analyst to receive real-time feed for their granular smart contract function calls and events as well as those of their competitors. This result in the developers always remaining updated in matters regarding dApp production.

For Individuals

Individuals can integrate the Token Analyst data into their own applications using the SDK and API feature available on the platform.

Additionally, TokenAnalyst will provide individuals with real-time analytics of cryptocurrency exchange inflows and outflows for Bitcoin, Ethereum and most of the ERC20 tokens. This feature allows individuals to carry out sophisticated market-making strategies.

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