What Is Utomarket?

Utomarket is an online platform that provides cryptocurrency traders and users with a secure and fast way to trade bitcoin. On the Utomarket platform, users can purchase Bitcoin in real-time and transactions carried out online through the chat function. Users also have the option of selling their bitcoin online and receive real-time payments from the buyers.

Additionally, users registered on the Utomarket platform have the opportunity to generate more revenue by participating in the Utomarket referral program where there will be five BTC up for grabs every week.

How To begin Trading Bitcoin And Gift Cards On Utomarket

To sign up on the platform, users are required to provide their email address and names on the Utomarket website. The data is encrypted and therefore, they do not have to worry about the data being accessed by third parties.

Users are then required to verify their identity before they begin any Bitcoin transactions. This will ensure that they acquire a trusted status when posting advertisements when buying or selling cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

Once the entire registration process is complete, users will receive an Utomarket wallet that enables them to make BTC payments to other worldwide users. The user can buy or sell bitcoin by choosing the seller or buyer and selecting the amount of bitcoin they would like to buy or sell. Utomarket will the act as an escrow and securely store the traded Bitcoin amount.

The platform will release the bitcoin to the buyer once the seller confirms receipt of the payment. The buyers will immediately receive their payments in the Utomarket wallet. The payments for the purchases can be made using cryptocurrencies, credit or debit cards, as well as gift cards.

In cases where there are disputes during the transaction, the traded Bitcoin is held until both users complete the transaction or after the dispute is resolved by clicking on the “complaint” button located at the order trading page.

Utomarket Advantages

Fast Security Verification

To ensure that all transactions are secure on the platform, once users upload their files on the platform, they will undergo a two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to the files. In addition, the platform features both hot and cold storage wallets as well as a card platform verification for traders involved in gift card trading.

Multiple Gift Cards And Coin

Utomarket supports the exchange in over 160 markets such as Amazon Gift Cards, iTunes card, Steam Wallet Gift Card, the eBay Gift Card and Google Play Gift Card among many others. Apart from the gift cards, on Utomarket, the popular cryptocurrencies can be exchanged for dollars, Euros, sterling pounds, and many other international currencies.

Compatibility With Credit Card Purchases

On the Utomarket platform, users can make payments by credit card or debit card including the Visa or MasterCard when buying cryptocurrencies on the platform.

Diverse Transaction Methods

There are more than 200 transaction methods supported on the platform including, Alipay, WeChat Pay, and all the gift cards available in the market today.

Reduced Withdrawal Costs

The withdrawal charges on Utomarket are set at 0.00005BTC. The withdrawal processing is fast since it only takes five minutes for the transaction to be confirmed on the Bitcoin Network.

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