Published: 2018-11-14 22:50:45

The crypto markets finally made a decisive move today in favor of downside action. News also includes convincing Twitter scams, Bitcoin Cash fork talk, Wyoming cryptocurrency developments, and another BitLicense issuance. Let’s catch up on more of the details.

Crypto Market Crashes Ahead Of Black Friday 2018

Cryptocurrency markets finally saw a decisive move for Bitcoin today as the coin plummeted below $5,600 at the time of this writing.

Some of the public may attribute such price movement to the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork tomorrow, along with Craig Wright and his antics.

However, Crypto Insider states suspicions of “a seemingly-coordinated dump which comes directly from the whales”.

Google Target ‘Verified’ Twitter Accounts Hijacked To Promote Bitcoin Scam

Crypto Insider provided coverage today on the hacking of ‘verified’ Target and Google G-Suite Twitter accounts. Said accounts then preyed on unsuspecting victims.

The ploy included these seemingly legitimate accounts claiming to give away large amounts of Bitcoin.

The accounts were labeled with the popular blue Twitter verification check mark, luring victims into a false sense of legitimacy and trust.

Opinion: Upcoming BCH Fork Probably Is Bad Luck For Big Blockers

Tomorrow is the much anticipated Bitcoin Cash hard fork. This hard fork represents a divide in the BCH community, as two of its figureheads disagree on the correct path for the coin to go.

Craig Wright versus Roger Ver, with Wright going the direction of larger block size, among other things.

Craig Wright even recently went as far as to email Roger Ver with his intents to battle Ver and Bitcoin ABC.

Wyoming Clears Gound For A Crypto-Haven

Crypto Insider recants the cryptocurrency Wyoming story, in its bid for a blockchain friendly zone.

“A bundle of 5 bills, passed in March of 2018, positioned Wyoming as a serious contender in the race to build a crypto-friendly jurisdiction”, explained Tristan Roberts today.

Talks of a “Special Purpose Depository Bank” were also included in Crypto Insider’s article, as well as many other pertinent Wyoming related cryptocurrency topics.

New York Regulators Have Granted Their 14th Crypto License

Today, CoinDesk brought news that the New York Digital Investment Group (NYDIG) has received a BitLicense recently. A BitLicense means the company can engage in certain cryptocurrency activities in New York.

The news was initially announced on Wednesday, via a press release, stating – “DFS has authorized NYDIG to offer secure custody and trade execution services providing consumers with several options for the custody of the digital assets: engaging in self-custody, contracting with a third party for custodial services, or contracting with NYDIG Execution or NYDIG Trust for custody services”.

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