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dClinic is the world’s first blockchain-based platform that seeks to a holistic healthcare for consumers worldwide and drive positive healthcare outcomes by utilizing the blockchain technology and combining real-world property assets such as clinics and hospital with a transformative digital healthcare platform.

The platform seeks to address the shortcomings of the present healthcare system, based on extensive market studies and research.

The current healthcare systems use a narrow approach when it comes to patients’ healthcare journey and the possible outcomes. The systems often place the healthcare provider at the center of the patient’s care and often limit the patient’s interaction to just a single provider.

Expanding Patient Interaction

The patient’s data is often restricted to a hospital’s registry or a clinical system such as General Practice system, Electronic Medical Record (EMR), or the Patient Registration System (PAS). Unfortunately, only a few people can access such information points.

This system restricts patients’ data, as other relevant healthcare providers cannot provide any input that may improve the healthcare outcome. Therefore, the current healthcare systems hinder the contributions from other relevant agencies such as wellness and vitality service providers, which could lead to a positive healthcare outcome.

Introducing the Blockchain Technology

dClinic embraces a fresh solution that operates on the blockchain technology to enable collaborative efforts that revolve around the patient. The new system integrates various healthcare providers, families, and friends for contributions that could facilitate recovery.

The technology will provide secure storage, retrieval, updating, and exchange of health information among various relevant health entities. This will create a holistic healthcare approach that expedites patient recovery.

dClinic aims to revolutionize the delivery of healthcare to patients in emerging markets through the provision of positive healthcare outcomes at a reduced cost. To realize this vision, the platform has initiated its own facilities, as well as a technology platform in various geo-locations.

It also collaborates with local expert healthcare providers to deliver healthcare services to everyone.

Some of the partners in the approach include Vitality Life Management (VLM), an Indonesia-based company that will purchase, build, or retrofit some hospitals and clinics in Indonesia, powering them with the blockchain healthcare platform. dClinic also engages other healthcare facilities and hospitals in other countries for the same purpose.

New Partnerships

dClinic has secured some new major partnerships including the government and investors in Singapore, Indonesia, India, and the U.S. Besides, it has started buying properties to establish dClinic Wellness and Vitality centers.

Importantly, the dClinic project has achieved its softcap target and will soon list on at least two mainstream exchanges. The platform will be allocating to airdrop and bounty recipients as soon as it gets listed on the exchanges. The Vitality Coin (VIC) will be listed at USD$0.10/VIC.

The dClinic team has many years of experience in the healthcare sector and it’s clear from their numerous worldwide implementations that the patient should be at the center of the care.

The project will focus on making the Shared Care Plan the main consumer and providing a clinician portal that will be used to access consumers’ clinical and non-clinical data. The platform will considerably assist the healthcare sector by giving the Care Team accurate and real-time information that holistically relates to the patient, thereby driving better healthcare outcomes.

The views and opinions expressed in the article dClinic ICO (VIC Token) Review: Blockchain Healthcare Vitality Coin do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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