Former JP Morgan Top Executive And Clovyr CEO:ย  Decentralized Applications Will Be Easy To Use

One of JP Morganโ€™s former executives Amber Baldet, who was the banks lead in their Blockchain Program, is of the stance that

โ€œWhen people use decentralized applications (dApps), they should be able to focus more on what the app does than whatโ€™s under the hood.โ€

Amber Baldet, while at JP Morgan assisted in the launching of Quorum at the bank, it is a blockchain platform for companies that are Ethereum based.

She is now famous for her arguments against โ€œsingle-chain maximalismโ€.

She is also now the Co-founder and CEO of Clovyr, which is a platform that enables developers to create different blockchain based apps, has in the past said that โ€œthis decade will be remembered for surveillance capitalismโ€.

In her speech at the 2018 Ethereal Summit New York, she focused on breaking out of the Maximalist way of thinking, this was in addition to her warnings to people and governments about the dangers of the adoption of surveillance capitalism by economies.

Maximalist Thinking

Maximalists, as we all know in the cryptosphere, are of the stance that the digital currency they support (for example BTC), is the only genuine use for the blockchain technology.

Baldet believes that this maximalist way of thinking will reduce the growth and global adoption of DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Networks

Amber Baldet who is a former Database Administrator and App developer, is in support of any initiative that propagates the development of โ€œhybrid, privacy-preserving blockchain networksโ€.

In an interview with the management team at ConsenSys, she stated:

โ€œCompanies are hoovering up data at an increasing pace. Many of them have decided that in order to run machine learning programs, more data is always better, but these data lakes create a lot of technical risk for them. And now that technical risk is creating legal, regulatory and monetary risks as well.โ€

She also stated :

โ€œItโ€™s also becoming (more challenging) for smaller companies to compete with larger companies within their industry vertical. Increasingly, juggernauts like Google are amassing so much industry-specific data that they can credibly compete with the best-in-class in every industry. Companies are realizing that theyโ€™re going to need to collaborate in order to derive the business insights that help them compete.โ€

In addition, Amber Baldet believes that โ€œFederation and decentralization applied to data scienceโ€ has no connection to either the tokenization of digital assets on blockchains or issues relating to governance. She advised that not all user information should not be put on distributed ledger technology networks as its main aim is to allow users to execute โ€œcross trust boundaryโ€ algorithms.

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Baldet’s View On Surveillance Capitalism

Baldet responded to a question about her stance on surveillance capitalism, stating :

โ€œLots of people that seem really focused on โ€œprivacy techโ€ these days need to understand the difference between what is private (free from intrusion) and what is confidential (authorized access, with expectation of consensual use). I am okay with vendors having the data that is created as I use their service, but Iโ€™m not necessarily okay with them selling it to a hedge fund or ad-tech company.โ€

Baldet’s Efforts In The Blockchain Technology Space

It was disclosed by Baldet, that one of her efforts in the blockchain technology community is creating a โ€œdeveloper suite that makes it easierโ€ for developers to build applications that are Ethereum based. The main purpose of Baldetโ€™s proprietary tech, is to enable developers to create solutions for large joint venture projects and public networks.

The new developer suite is based on a system that โ€œconnects tools people already know how to use with some new brand thingsโ€. Baldet also said they will be โ€œreleasing some dev-ops pieces imminently and tooling incrementally on top.โ€

She added :

โ€œEthereum is still so new that delivering high-level abstractions requires a lot of inventing the universe firstโ€

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