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Sesame Token is a blockchain ecosystem architecturally designed to create a most socialized Global Food Delivery Marketplace driven by collaborative participation through the blockchain technology. The developers of Sesame Token are happy to announce that token is to listed as an IEO on Latoken (May 2019). The Pre-ICO ends in about 40 days from this writing, with a 20% presale bonus.

On-demand Food Delivery

Sesame token provides on-demand food delivery services for clients through the decentralized blockchain technology. This enables it to eliminate the need for third-party providers needed in the traditional way of offering on-demand food services. Sesame token aims to create a platform not only for customers to access instant food deliveries but also for restaurants and couriers to have direct transactions.

Highly Secure and Transparent Transactions

Sesame token is a decentralized food network powered by blockchain and AI. The main objective here is to maximize food utilization and reduce food wastage. Besides, it offers real-time search for excess food at restaurants, grocery, and packaged food stores and helps channel them to buyers at discounted prices.

Problems identified

  • Food wastage due to delay in selling—often thrown away rather than sold at the end of the day with promotions
  • It’s difficult to know when a restaurant is open or closed. Additionally, not knowing about new local restaurants or disruptions to normal services is often a challenge.
  • Fake reviews where no one can verify or validate, leads to misleading information that creates unfair advantages for bad actor restaurants
  • It’s difficult to fill tables or sell deliveries on low traffic days or times, which can impact the bottom line revenue
  • Low acceptance of cryptocurrency with few use cases that solve real problems
  • Inability to place orders in certain restaurants because it’s out of a delivery area

Sesame Token Solutions

  • It will enable restaurants to do last-minute deals to sell food instead of wasting it
  • Facilitated Data Sharing and rewarded “Feedback System” in real-time enable restaurants information accurately and updated
  • Smart contract powered Feedback system ensures that only the person who ordered can make a genuine review to create an honest ecosystem
  • “Last minute” and “End of day” deals—push notifications to customers’ phones for both food ordering and dining. This reduces spare tables and food wastage. In the end, it promotes discounts or offers to loyal followers.
  • Sesame Token will enable millions of people to use and experience an app powered by blockchain without the complexities of the technology
  • By integrating AI and ML to its delivery system, it aims to deliver an effective dispatch mechanism to ensure that users get their favorite food from their favorite restaurants on demand.

Sesame Reward System

After making a food order with the help of smart contracts, customers request for review and be rewarded with SST Tokens for detailed feedback. They can upload, share images, and videos of their food and are rewarded more for ‘creating content.’ This ensures every order is reviewed and services rated by fair, trusted, and transparent system.

Sesame Application

  • User-friendly: it’s easy to use the application to buy or sell food items
  • Blockchain: the platform uses blockchain technology to track and record food items throughout the supply chain
  • Cashless: App users will be able to transact on the blockchain using the Sesame token to execute cashless transactions
  • Global: they are developing the platform with the aim to eliminate food wastage worldwide

The views and opinions expressed in the article Decentralized Blockchain Social Food Delivery Network? do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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