The Ethereum developer and the co-founder & product lead at Meridio released “Eth This Then That,” the IFTTT for Ethereum. The information was released by Mr. Page on Twitter on February 17.

With ETTT, anyone will be able to connect different decentralized applications and decentralized finance components without having to write a single line of code. This is very positive for Ethereum’s development because it will help those individuals and interested parties that do not have the technical knowledge to write code.

There are several users that are requesting low- and no-code options for office automation that are to Ethereum and other decentralized networks in the market.

Users on different social networks have already received the product in a very positive way. This would allow the Ethereum network to grow and reach a larger audience that before would have been impossible. In many cases, the deployment of smart contracts or decentralized applications is only for those with the technical knowledge to do it. Now, things seem to be changing and moving towards a more inclusive crypto ecosystem.

Ethereum is the second largest blockchain network in the market after Bitcoin (BTC). There are several projects that have been launched on top of this network and many others are expected to do it in the future as well. Due to the way in which it was built, the network is more scalable than Bitcoin and it is able to process a larger number of transactions for lower fees.

The developer has based the IFTTT for Ethereum on the popular application called “If Then This That” or IFTTT, which allows applications to be connected with each other and triggering specific actions when pre-determined requisites are met.

Ethereum’s decentralized applications did not have a good performance in the market during the last years. This is why is very important for the network to have more tools to leverage the power of dApps that work on the Ethereum platform.

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