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Even though the crypto market at large seems to be struggling on the financial front, it has recently come to light that the total number of new decentralized applications (DApps) being developing on the the Ethereum and EOS smart-contract platforms is at an ”all-time high” — with a total of nearly 180 offerings being released on the aforementioned systems on a monthly basis.

With that being said, it should be pointed out that there still exists a “sizeable gap” between the rate of DApp development and actual DApp usage in the market today.

Despite Growing Number Of DApps, Mass Adoption Is Still Taking Time

As per data procured from, it is clearly visible that the number of new decentralized applications being created every month is at its ATH. In this regard, it is worth noting that the Ethereum ecosystem continues to remain the most popular platform for dApp development— with a total of 105 new projects being launched on it every month. However, despite such amazing numbers, it should be noted that the ETH network is currently being utilized by a meagre 141,300 customers per month.

Other Statistical Data Worth Considering

  • At press time, there exist a total of 478 decentralized games within the crypto domain (that are used by 29,000 active monthly users).
  • DApp game related transactions amounted to a total of 640,900 txs over the past 30 days.
  • Big name projects like StorJ, Everipedia, X Cloud are used by an estimated 106,420 users on a monthly basis.

More On The Matter

Even though developers around the globe are happy about the opportunities that are presented to them by decentralized programming platforms, there still exist certain impeding factors that are keeping many dApps from entering the digital mainstream. For example, many experts believe that there currently exists a

“large entry barrier with applications hosted on EOS and Ethereum”

since both of these aforementioned systems make use of native tokens to facilitate transactions on their respective networks.

Secondly, using and downloading dApps is not as easy as going to the Google Play/ Apple store and hitting the “download” button.

Final Take

In closing, it is also worth pointing out that as things stand, many customers have reported that their experience of using decentralized tools still lags behind those of centralized applications. It now remains to be seen how big name players such as ETH, EOS face up to such challenges and make dApps more user friendly and financially feasible for the masses.

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