Published: 2018-11-09 20:44:35

Ethereum Sets January Goal For Next Update

Ethereum’s new hard fork, Constantinople, is on its way and it could be launched on January 16 if everything goes according to the developer’s plans. Initially, the update was scheduled for November. However, unanticipated problems with the test release and the need for a longer development postponed the launch of the Constantinople for Ethereum.

The new date was reached by a non-binding verbal agreement from the developers and it is fixed or final, so it may change. If things go surprisingly smoothly, there is a small chance that the launch may happen sooner but it is more likely that it will happen later if the date is changed at all.

Péter Szilágyi affirms that it makes no sense to set the date on stone as it will be changed if they have to. The most important aspect of the change is to keep the stability of the protocol, so they have to test it well first.

Another developer, Lane Retting, has affirmed that the “difficulty bomb”, which will be affected by Constantinople, will also be an important part of the update. The difficulty bomb is basically an algorithm that will make the transactions steadily harder to mine and that will act as an incentive for regular updates on the network.

According to her, the increase will already be noticeable by January and it will increase twice, once in April and then again in May. Because of this, there is plenty of time for the update.

Constantinople will delay the difficulty of the bomb by 18 months and it will decrease the block rewards from 3 ETH to 2 ETH per block.

The new upgrade will also optimize the change for the better many underlying features of the code that will make the lives of developers easier (although the users will not see so much difference).

The inclusion of the ProgPoW update, which would change the Ethereum network to brick ASIC miners out was not considered during the announcement, so this question still remains a mystery and it is likely that the developers will not use it as it would be the most radical change in the protocol.

Will it really be out at the date? Nobody knows, but we can only hope that Ethereum makes this new step soon and becomes better and better.

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