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Fantom, the world’s first DAG based smart contract platform has announced a new partnership with Hancom Secure, a leading provider of security software and integrated IT solutions in Korea.

The partnership with Hancom Secure will serve two aims: First, to allow Hancom Secure to explore and develop blockchain solutions through the Fantom Project. Secondly, to allow Fantom to access and incorporate Hancom Secure’s blockchain security technology.

For over 20 years, Hancom Secure has been a market leader of PKI encryption and authentication and, among other achievements, developed Korea’s first online banking system. It employs experienced specialists across numerous industries and is recognized both in private and public domains as an early adopter and supporter of innovative technologies.

For IoT manufacturers to integrate with Fantom,  an IoT infrastructure that is as secure as it is scalable is required.

“The blockchain promises direct and secure (disintermediated) connections across an infinitely sized network. We’re nearing that goal, but we’re not there yet. More than the scalability issue — which we’re solving with our DAG-based platform — there are security concerns. Security is particularly paramount when we talk about IoT and many devices processing micropayments in real-time.” – Fantom

Together with Hancom Secure, Fantom will continue their work in developing a blockchain-based smart city. The Fantom aim is to deliver blockchain-based IoT from the conceptual into the real-world, ushering in a secure and scalable IoT infrastructure that will change the way people interact with their devices.

Partnership with Hancom Secure allows Fantom to realize aspirations for their ecosystem: an inclusive and comprehensive ecosystem capable of plugging into many industries across the world, to change the face of finance and, through smart contract-based micropayments, the relationship between companies and their customers.

Fantom partners with Hancom Secure to further develop IoT infrastructure

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