Fogo De Chao – Enabling Consumers To Track The Origin Of Meat Using Blockchain Tech

The disruptive effect of blockchain technology is being felt in the food industry. A Brazilian steakhouse operating out of Texas, Fogo de Chao, has announced plans to use blockchain technology to track the meat it serves from the farm to the table.

The blockchain ecosystem will allow cattle farmers to closely monitor the health and behavior of their livestock. Restaurants, on the other hand, will easily know the origin of the food they are selling. On their part, consumers will have access to the history of the animal from birth until it was slaughtered.

Fogo de Chao has outlets spread across the US, Mexico and the Middle East. The company is partnering with HerdX, an ag-tech startup based in Boerne, Texas, to bring blockchain technology to the food industry. The primary objective of this partnership is to use blockchain technology to improve food safety and guarantee transparency in food processing.

As per the spokesperson of HerdX, the first beneficiaries of this initiative will be three Fogo de Chao restaurants located in Dallas. The remaining 52 outlets will implement the new solution later on. Austin Adams, the CTO of HerdX, stated that their goal is to promote the credibility of the American livestock framers by making the meat supply chain safe and transparent.

Consumers must carry their smartphones to access the history of the meat from the farm to the plate. After installing the blockchain-based app, the customer then proceeds to scan a QR code on the restaurant’s menu. The app will return information detailing the origin of the meat, the history of the animal and when the meat was shipped to that particular outlet.

Additionally, cattle farmers will have access to a digital network that allows them to track the health and behavior of animals. Barry McGowan, the CEO of Fogo de Chao, said that the introduction of blockchain technology will significantly improve their food supply chain, which is already one of the world’s best in terms of safety.

Blockchain Guarantees Food Safety

The integration of blockchain technology in the food industry will certainly ensure that consumers only get food that is clean and safe for their health. This is particularly the case in countries where there are challenges in inspecting food hygiene. For example, if blockchain technology was in use in China, there would be no casualties arising from the intake of poisonous bay milk formulas.

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HerdX Creates A Participatory Blockchain

Earlier this year, Austin Adams was appointed as the CTO of HerdX. His mission is to provide restaurants across the globe with solutions that simplify the tracing and tracking of food. Recently, Adams revealed that HerdX has developed a participatory blockchain that automates the tracking of the life history of livestock, particularly cattle. The company is also working with Google and Microsoft to better its services.

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