Formosa Financial, A CEZA Regulated Company, Partners With CEZEX Digital Asset Exchange And

Three blockchain based companies form a partnership to streamline the securities digitization process. The partnership between Formosa Financial (or “Formosa”), and CEZEX aims at providing its users with comprehensive solutions in the digitization process including token issuance, trading services, and secure treasury management.

CEZEX Digital Asset Exchange (or “CEZEX) and (or “Katalyse”) become the latest Formosa partners since the start of the year joining WanChain and CoolBitX in the process. The partnership is set to create and develop an integrated system to allow an efficient digitization process for retail and institutional clients in the blockchain and capital markets field.

Formosa Financial partners with CEZEX Exchange and (Source: Twitter) Set To Provide An Integrated Marketplace For Tokenized Assets is a revolutionary platform that provides an interoperable, secure and integrated solution to ease the process of token issuance. The number of companies offering digitized securities is rapidly growing as tokenization takes shape for different classes of assets. As the standards for the digitization of different types of assets continues to take root, offers a user-friendly platform to program their own smart contracts functions and parameters.

Speaking on the latest partnership with Formosa Financial and CEZEX, Kenneth Tan, Co-founder of Katalyse said,

“The combination of CEZEX, Formosa, and Katalyse will enrich the global security token ecosystem and allow for more participants in the digital asset markets. It also offers investors access to global digital asset markets within a more secure, transparent and regulated trading environment.”

He further praised the partnership saying the three companies will be working towards revolutionizing the digitization process of assets from the traditional capital markets to the blockchain world across the integrated systems. Furthermore, the digitization system is set to allow the fractional ownership of assets, whether liquid or illiquid assets.

The company has partnered with over 60 companies across 25 nations in the world to help them launch and list their private and public ICOs on the platform. Furthermore, the platform enables easy and manageable client registrations including the collection of client’s documents, KYC/AML standards, and the approval process.

CEZEX Digital Asset Exchange Joins The Party

The first secure digital asset and derivatives trading platform in Asia also announced its partnership with Formosa earlier this week. The digital asset exchange offers a trading platform for cryptocurrencies and security assets backed by a wide variety of assets including stocks, bonds, and other derivatives. The exchange trades a number of cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC) and USD coin (USDC).

In a press release, the CEO and co-founder of CEZEX, Jack Ser praised the partnership with Formosa saying the partnership with “a professionally set up and well-established” treasury management company is set to revolutionize the traditional digitization process. He further laid out the roles of CEZEX digital asset exchange in ensuring a streamlined tokenization, listing and trading platform for the securitized assets. He further said,

“CEZEX Digital Exchange aims to […] support the development of the digital asset industry into a more professional, structured, efficient and sustainable sector.”

The company is licensed by CEZA, a Philippines regulatory commission for the Cagayan valley region. The authorization statement categorizes the digital asset exchange as a “Security Token and Asset-Backed Token Exchange.”

In the closing statements by Formosa’s CEO Ryan Terribilini states that his company has found the right partners in pushing the tokenization platform to the next level. The company is a full principal license holder from CEZA which provides a gateway for the three companies to improve their systems and provide better services to their clients.

The views and opinions expressed in the article Formosa Financial, a CEZA Regulated Firm, Partners with CEZEX Crypto Exchange and do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research.

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