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You may have heard of Gab, the company which recently forked Brave, the decentralized internet browser network. However, the plans of the company are far from over yet, as Gab wants to fork many other projects. The next one being targeted is Keybase, which will be moved from the Stellar network to Bitcoin.

According to the company, they are taking a whole new approach on free speech social media networks. Their approach is actually pretty fresh, they need to find open source projects, remove all their “Silicon Valley baggage” and then turn them into “free-speech money” projects by integrating them with Bitcoin.

Now, Keybase, a social media identity and file-management platform is finally ready to integrate its product with the Stellar wallet for the first time. However, Gab was quick this time in getting the spotlight as they teased that they will fork Keybase as well.

As soon as the announcement was made, the CEO of the company, Andrew Torba, has posted online that his company currently could not wait to fork Keybase and to use Bitcoin there.

Decrypt, a crypto-focused media outlet, interviewed the CEO recently in order to discover what the company was up to. He affirmed that while it could make sense to fork some other projects, Keybase was a personal favorite of him. Their client side app was open source, too, so they wanted to give it a shot.

When asked why he wanted to make a Keybase clone, he answered: why not? It could be a great win for both the users and the company if they had their own encrypted chat platform and replace some of the “problems” within their solution.

Gab Has Been Growing A Lot Recently Because It Had To

The company which started out as an alternative for Twitter went to develop its own version of Brave and now it is focused on creating an encrypted chat platform using Keybase. By using Bitcoin as a strong basis, the company is focused on creating solutions that will provide a platform focused on free speech for all.

However, this has also led the company to acquire some sort of bad image. The company tolerates all kind of speech unless it is illegal and in the U. S. and, well, the U. S. is very liberal with free speech laws. This has made the platform be banned from many payment processors from the Silicon Valley just like PayPal, Stripe, Square and even Coinbase.

Last year, it was discovered that the man behind the massacre of a synagogue in Pittsburgh was an avid Gab user, the world started to turn even more against it.

This basically made the company have absolutely no choice but to keep moving forward despite everything. With so many people against it, the company had to basically create its own crypto-based ecosystem in order to survive or it would be led into oblivion because of its detractors.

Torba affirmed, during the interview, that Gab is a free speech software company and that they may have started a normal social network but that they learned very quickly that in order to continue growing, they will need to create their own technology so they can continue to “distribute free speech”.

He affirmed that the company is in no rush to create all these products, though. They want to have plenty of time so they can explore more options and research all the opportunities in the market. However, we can certainly believe that this is coming soon. The last time the CEO talked about an idea, the fork happened four months later.

The last time, the company stripped the Brave browser from most of its features like the Basic Attention Token and integrated it with the Lightning Network. They want to change the products and improve the features which are being used by them. Now, the company has at least 25,000 clients using the browser. A small but relevant number since Beta only started last month.

At the time, though, the executives behind Brave did not like how Gab forked their browser, however, they could not complain too much since the project is open source.

The strategy could certainly be criticized by some people. Gab just looks around for projects which already work, appropriate them and them modify them to be compatible with Bitcoin. This way, they “remove the shitcoins and add free speech money: Bitcoin”. Some could see this as noble while others would call it a scam. Opinions are divided.

Torba is especially angry with tokens like Stellar. He called it a shitcoin and affirmed that Silicon Valley folks got too late to the Bitcoin revolution and tried to invent their own token, only it was pretty awful.

Now, we will get to see the next chapters of this battle that Gab is having against Silicon Valley. Who will win?

The views and opinions expressed in the article Gab Is Moving Forward With the Idea of Forking Keybase And Replacing Stellar With Bitcoin do not reflect that of 48coins, nor of its originally published source. Article does not constitute financial advice. Kindly proceed with caution and always do your own research..


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