What Is Healthereum?

Healthereum is a blockchain-based company that aims to empower patients and providers with a global blockchain healthcare rewards platform. What are the rewards? Members of the Healthereum stand to gain various rewards including HEALTH, the utility token, and the glue of the Healthereum ecosystem.

The Problem and the Healthereum Solution

The team behind Healthereum believes that creating the best patient engagement platform is a continuous struggle in the healthcare sector. Many software platforms exist but patient experience is at a standstill and healthcare providers remain in the receiving end with frustrations in the care delivery.

Healthereum has devised a solution that could finally change the situation. The company has developed a blockchain loyalty rewards platform for patients, which will improve operational processes for doctors. The more patients use the reward platform, the better healthcare delivery they get.

Additionally, once they complete healthcare tasks such as attending an appointment or filling out forms, patients can earn reward points in the form of digital tokens. Doctors give out the tokens and the patients eventually exchange them for the set healthcare benefits.

How Healthereum works

The Healthereum Patient Engagement Management platform gives healthcare providers the means to solve some of the pressing needs in the healthcare sector. The platform operates based on how frequent patients use the reward loyalty program.

With the blockchain technology, Healthereum has made interesting encounters to reward attendance to appointments and penalize no-shows. This practice will reduce the no-show rate, as each appointment will allow immediate deployment of quality questionnaires.

The gist of it is that the exercise is incentivized. This gives healthcare providers the ability to send diagnostic-specific messages to their patients outside of the clinic, with constant engagement that will reduce the readmission rates.

Importantly, healthcare providers are now able to create insurance claims while the patient confirms. This will lead to faster payments and curtail insurance fraud.

Through the patient-interface (HELIO), providers will be able to deliver utility tokens (HEALTH) to patients who complete the requested tasks to demonstrate accountability for their health. In the end, the patients can monetize the time they spend on healthy activities.

Healthcare providers and professionals receive the tokens at a set value given by their healthcare professionals, in exchange for the services provided. Both the providers and institutions can then resupply the tokens and flow it back to other patients. The cycle continues with a tokenized economy between the provider and the patient. This creates a full cycle of healthcare loyalty experience courtesy of blockchain technology.

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Healthereum Products


Healthereum seeks to reward healthy behavior. More specifically, the incentive will go toward adherence to medical appointments. Using blockchain, providers will be able to record proof of healthy behavior, which they will reward with HEALTH tokens. As the patients continue to pursue healthy lifestyles, the tokens accumulate. The MIDUSO DApp will also be ideal for visiting a provider, completing hospital surveys, running a 5K, buying healthy food, and visiting health clubs.


PULSE is a standalone questionnaire solution that will facilitate the dynamic creation of any type of document that a patient may need to fill. For example, a provider can create an intake form on PULSE for the client to complete before a visit. Patients can also use it to enter other items such as medical problems, list of medications, or allergies. Once completed, the patients receive tokens for the time they spend filling out the form. They may also create a blockchain electronic medical record.

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