Hedera Hashgraph Establishes Mainnet

Hedera Hashgraph Establishes Mainnet

Hedera Hashgraph, a distributed ledger platform took a new step with the launch of its main network. The platform is set to provide three essential services that include file storage, digital currency and support for Solidity smart contracts.

The developers have already finished working on the public APIs and all now ready for testing by various selected partners in the course of a few coming weeks. Hedera team announced that it will allow work on expanding its network for limited use in the next few coming months before creating a complete workable platform to allow users create new accounts in about six months. It is about the same time that the time will issue tokens to SAFT holders.

At the moment, it is still not possible for the public to access the mainnet, but the ledger has already been hashed cryptographically with the hash being: 760c13b3bea248581b342da72909e8172aea245e6abbbc97af4111bd6937a3bc9e73f3ea97e68d27923707a1334d4063

This hash operates as a digital signature for reference in the future and provides proof of the ledger’s state as of august 24th, 2018.

According to Hedera Hashgraph team, they expect to open up their network to the long list of Decentralized developers (DApp) that are looking forward to build on the mainnet platform. The team also expects to have a fully functional platform and network that will have real functionality in just a few months from now. Among the DApp developers lining up to build on this network include music and IP management, IoT applications, medical credential management, supply chain management, security tokens, casual games, smart contracts for escrow among others.

Hederal team is excited to have taken advantage of a range of applications that allow micropayments impossible before the launch of this network. These apps include device-to-device payments that has the potential to run the future IoT economy.

Hedera team understands that it is important to take time and proceed cautiously and in a methodical manner to not only understand how DApps work and how users will make use of the network, but also to create a platform is sufficient enough for such applications, be in a position to respond to user challenges and quarries and have on of the most efficient and secure distributed ledger. This is despite the growing demand from DApp developers to utilize the network.

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