Published: 2018-11-27 10:23:22
Honest Mining

What Is Honest Mining?

Discover Honest Mining—everyone’s crypto mining partner. It is secure, easy, and scalable, from day one. The platform operates on an instant master node that makes it easy for users to mine cryptocurrency without difficulty.

Users of the platform are able to accomplish the following:

No Hidden Fees For Running The Masternode

The instant masternode is a technology by Honest Mining that enables users to start earning immediately—no need for fees. This eliminates the need for waiting for the masternode to be filled and properly set before users can start earning rewards.

Passive Rewards

Users on the Honest Mining platform are able to withdraw and reinvest with ease of use. Users can earn quick rewards through quick and transparent mechanism. The rewards are distributed proactively immediately the masternode receives awards. They can then choose to withdraw the coins or reinvest in them automatically.

How Honest Mining Crypto Mining Masternodes Works

The Honest Mining platform embraces a simple user interface, which makes mining easy.

  • Selecting a masternode: users get their crypto wallets ready and then choose the masternode that they would like to invest in.
  • Depositing the coins: After selecting the masternode, the user clicks on the “commit” button to deposit their crypto coins.
  • Selecting seats: the user selects the number of seats that they plan to own.
  • Earning rewards: it is time to earn rewards and you can watch as your masternode start receiving rewards, which you can withdraw immediately or reinvest.

Honest Mining Benefits

  • Easy sign up process: Joining the platform requires only four easy steps. Users can start earning rewards immediately.
  • Easy withdrawal: There is a quick and transparent withdrawal mechanism complete with a reinvesting feature.
  • Non-stop rewards: The masternode is able to generate non-stop rewards 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Transparency: The platform has an all-round transparency with no hidden fees. It provides users with a clear view of what is happening through announcements and reports.
  • Secured: The platform has a guaranteed protection of information that may jeopardize the safety of users and the platform.
  • Powerful automation: With speedy processes and features, the platform is able to run independently and efficiently.

Honest Mining Team

The Honest Mining team includes experienced crypto and blockchain industry players with a strong belief in decentralization. The team is committed to achieving the mission of the platform—to create a trustworthy crypto mining platform that is easy to use and accessible to everyone. This is possible by working together to generate solutions.

Honest Mining HNST Token ICO Details

Parameters Of The ICO

  • Token Symbol: HNST
  • Token Sale: Present – TBA
  • Token Price: 1 / 7500 ETH
  • Total Supply: 400,000,000
  • Soft Cap: 5,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 20,000 ETH

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