The Tron Virtual Machine FullNode Works as the Core Service Node of the Blockchain

The Tron Virtual Machine FullNode Works as the Core Service Node of the Blockchain

During the official launch of the Tron Virtual Machine (TVM), Tron’s CTO, Lucien, gave more insight about the TVM. He talked about the relation between the tools provided and the Tron Virtual Machine.

Lucien believes that developers will have a clear idea about how to use the different tools and develop their own decentralized applications. Indeed, he was very excited about it due to the fact that Tron may see incredible applications coming in the future.

The TVM FullNode will be the core and most important service node of the blockchain. Additionally, the FullNode will be executing various transaction requests related to different ends and will send back the results. Moreover, all the applications running on the network would be connected to this full node.

If users are familiar with the Tron Network, developers can directly call the FullNode interface directly to meet their business commands. For those interested, it is possible to call the TronLink interface and finalize their business logic.

TronBox also helps developers that want to visualize the development of the smart contracts created. Furthermore, the TVM will be providing TronWeb, allowing users and developers to make use of the developed product.

The network has two main types of transactions: normal and contract transactions.

Lucien explained that the contract transaction would cause the TVM to execution. This execution process is divided in four different steps.

In the first step, the full node simulates the execution of every transaction. In this way, it is possible to verify its legitimacy and filter malicious transactions.

In the second step, the full node broadcasts the transaction to determine Tron Network. After it, it is possible to package the transaction and broadcast it to the full node.

The third step executes the real transaction and updates the database. In the last step it returns to the caller.

On the matter, Justin Sun, founder and CEO of the Tron Foundation commented:

“Tron CTO, Lucien demonstrated the relations between application scenarios and technology calling of the developer tools and the relations between the tools and TVM. Developers will clearly know how to use the tools, so that they can develop their own dApps more easily.”

Tron is one of the most important virtual currencies in the market and its team is working very hard in order to expand it in the market.

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